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Program information and products

  • Description and History of the program.

  • Monitors water quality on a near real-time basis with data available from 30 day graphs.

  • After each deployment, a brief report describing water quality events and conditions at each site is prepared by the Environmental Scientists. These deployment reports are also useful for interpreting the real time water quality data.

  • The instruments are periodically removed for maintenance and calibration and this is indicated on the water quality graphs in the form of a sharp fall in readings to zero or lack of data plotted for all water quality parameters. Thus it is useful to consult the calibration and maintenance schedules when looking at the graphs. 

  • To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the Real Time Water Quality (RTWQ) Monitoring Program, quality assurance, quality control and quality assessment procedures have been implemented.

  • Organized the RTWQ Monitoring Workshop 


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