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The mandate of the Community Water and Wastewater Section includes:

  • review of the design of municipal water supply, treatment, and distribution systems and wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems;
  • issuance of Permits to Construct for municipal water supply and wastewater projects;
  • issuance of Permits to Operate municipal infrastructure facilities and systems;
  • assessment and ranking of capital works funding requests;
  • monitoring and inspecting the operation of municipal water and wastewater systems;
  • development of guidelines, policies, and regulations for the design and operation of municipal water and wastewater systems;
  • assessment of alternative treatment technologies for water and wastewater; and
  • develop and maintain environmental databases.

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Permits to Construct for Public Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

A Brochure on What Your Town Needs to Know About Permits to Construct for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
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