Municipal Affairs and Environment

Water Quality Issues

Operation and Maintenance

  • Need for utility management
  • Proper and effective system operation and maintenance
  • Operator qualifications and certification
  • Responsibilities of utility personnel – planning, organization and record keeping

Record Keeping

  • Purpose and value of maintaining records – Permit to Operate requirements
  • Types of records that need to be maintained – chlorination records (chlorine residuals), meter readings, pump operation, etc.
  • Storage and maintenance of records

Drinking Water Quality

  • Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality
  • Bacteriological water quality – bacteriological sampling requirements, indicator pathogens, provincial standards
  • Chemical and Physical water quality – provincial standards, MACs, AOs, monitoring,
  • Disinfection by-products
  • Parameters of concern
  • Sampling protocols

Cross Connections

  • What is a cross connection
  • Backflow and backsiphonage
  • Common cross connection examples
  • Health impacts from cross connection events
  • Degree of possibility, hazard and risk involved with cross connections
  • Types of cross connection prevention methods and devices


  • Purpose of storage tanks
  • Tank types and materials
  • Calculating volume of a storage tank
  • Tank operation and maintenance – disinfection, water level controls, ice control

Water System Corrosion

  • Types of corrosion – internal, external, bimetallic (galvanic), stray current
  • Corrosion treatment methods – soda ash and lime treatment, cathodic protection
  • Monitoring of corrosion – pH levels, alkalinity, Langelier Index, coupon testing

Certification Exam Preparation

  • Practice Questions – typical certification exam questions related to material covered during this module

Math and Metric for Water System Operators

  • Each module will include various math and metric related discussions
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