Municipal Affairs and Environment

Wastewater Collection - Part 2

Wastewater Collection System Cleaning and Chemical Control

  • Mechanical cleaning methods – power buckets, power rods, hand rods
  • Chemical control methods – roots, corrosion
  • Disinfection of wastewater and chlorine properties

Lift Stations

  • Lift station operation and maintenance
  • Lift station visits and inspections
  • Lift station configurations
  • Lift station level controls
  • Record keeping

Pumps and Motors

  • Introduction to hydraulics
  • Pump applications in a wastewater collection system
  • Types of pumps and how they work – positive displacement and centrifugal pumps
  • Pump components – impellers, packing, lantern rings, mechanical seals, bearings
  • Operation and maintenance of pumps – pump alignment, cavitation, net positive suction head, troubleshooting
  • Valves commonly found in a wastewater collection system


  • Math and metric related discussions
  • Practice Questions – review of typical math certification exam questions

Certification Exam Preparation

  • Practice Questions – typical certification exam questions related to water treatment plant operation
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