Municipal Affairs and Environment

Education, Training and Certification

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment is committed to the provision of education and training opportunities for municipal water and wastewater system operators. The Department has recognized that trained and qualified operating personnel are vital to the protection of public health through clean safe drinking water. In 2002 the Operator Education, Training and Certification (OETC) Program was initiated. The unique approach of this program provides operators with education and training opportunities that are focused on job competency, drinking water safety, environmental protection and infrastructure sustainability.

The main objectives of the OETC Program are to:

  • Provide all municipalities, regardless of size and fiscal capability, with access to the program’s services
  • Offer no cost educational seminars on a regular basis to municipal water and wastewater system operators at various locations throughout the province
  • Provide on-site training in all road accessible communities through the use of 3 Mobile Training Units (MTUs)
  • Offer certification exams as required
  • Enable municipalities to operate and maintain municipal drinking water and wastewater system as per regulatory requirements
  • Enable municipalities to deliver safe, clean drinking water and restore public confidence in drinking water quality
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