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Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Stations

Due to the volume and frequent updating of the data available on this Web site the streamflow and water quality data is PROVISIONAL and has not undergone quality control checks. These data may be subject to significant change.

Networks Partners Station Name Installation Date Grab Samples Station Metadata
Industry Partners Network Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. (Voisey’s Bay, Labrador) NF03NE0009 - Reid Brook at outlet of Reid Pond July-03   Metadata
NF03NE0010 - Camp Pond Brook below Camp Pond July-03   Metadata
NF03NE0011 - Reid Brook below Tributary July-03   Metadata
NF03NE0012 - Tributary to Reid Brook July-06   Metadata
Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. (Long Harbour, Newfoundland) NF02ZK0023 -Rattling Brook below Bridge December-06   Metadata
NF02ZK0024 - Rattling Brook Big Pond December-06   Metadata
NF02ZK0025 - Rattling Brook below Plant Discharge October-09   Metadata
NF02ZK0029 - Sandy Pond Deep Well 1 November-12   Metadata
NF02ZK0031 - Sandy Pond Deep Well 2 November-12   Metadata
NF02ZK0030 - Sandy Pond Shallow Well 2 November-12   Metadata
NF02ZK0032 - Sandy Pond Deep Well 3 November-12   Metadata
NF02ZK0028 - Sandy Pond Deep Well 4 November-12   Metadata
Duck Pond Operations, Teck Resources Ltd. (Central Newfoundland) NF02YO0190 - Tributary to Gill's Pond Brook May-06   Metadata
NF02YO0192 - East Pond Brook below East Pond September-06   Metadata
NF02YO0193 - Duck Pond Well after Tailings Dam September-06   Metadata
Tacora Resources NF03OA0022 - Flora Creek below Trans-Labrador Highway October-12   Metadata
Nalcor Energy 03OE013 - Churchill River above Grizzle Rapids September-08   N/A
03OE001 - Churchill River above Upper Muskrat Falls September-08   Metadata
NF03OE0050 - Churchill River 6.15 KMs below Lower Muskrat Falls September-08 NF03OE0050 PDF (25 KB) Metadata
NF03OD0013 - Churchill River below Metchin River September - 17   Metadata
Tata Steel Minerals Canada Ltd. NF03OB0039 - Elross Creek below Pinette Lake Inflow October-11   Metadata
NF03OB0040 - Goodream Creek 2KM northwest of Timmins 6 October-11   Metadata
NF03OB0042 - Joan Brook below Outlet of Joan Lake June-16   Metadata
Iron Ore Company of Canada (Labrador City, Labrador) NF03OA0023 - Dumbell Stream above Dumbell Lake June-16 Metadata
NF03OA0024 - Pumphouse Stream above Drum Lake June-17    
NF03OA0019 - Wabush Lake at Dolomite Road July-2007 Metadata
NF03OA0017 - Wabush Lake at Lake Outlet May-2007   Metadata
Canada Fluorspar (NL) Inc. (St. Lawrence, NL) NF02ZG0028 - Outflow Grebes Nest Pond November-2016 Metadata
NF02ZG0029 - Outflow of Unnamed Pond south of Long Pond December-2016 Metadata
Provincial Network NL WRMD NF02ZM0178 - Learys Brook at Prince Philip Drive November-01   Metadata
NLENMP0001 - Mobile Environmental Monitoring Platform (MEMP) October-14
NLENWQ0001 - Paddys Pond October - 12   Metadata
NF02YL0012 - Humber River at Humber Village Bridge December-03   Metadata
NF02ZM0009 - Waterford River at Kilbride July-05   Metadata
NF03QA0047 - Lake Melville east of Little River (Water Level Only) September-10 NF03QA0047 PDF (22 KB) Metadata
NF03OE0054 - Churchill River English Point September-10 NF03OE0054 PDF (21 KB) Metadata
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