Municipal Affairs and Environment

Water Investigations and Complaints

As part of the Department’s mandate to manage the water resources of the province, the Investigations Section regulates alterations to bodies of water in compliance with Section 48 of the Water Resources Act, SNL 2002 c W-4.01. The Environmental Permits - Questions and Answers page lists the most common questions asked about what projects require approval and the approval process.

In addition to the approval process the Section also:

  • investigates water related problems and complaints,
  • provides technical services in hydrology, hydraulics and environmental design of water related structures,
  • undertakes flood studies,
  • evaluates impacts of development on water resources, and,
  • addresses dam safety issues.

In an effort to simplify the approval process, the Section provides separate application forms for each type of project. Guidelines that describe proper construction practices for the type of project have also been developed. The guidelines are taken from "The Guidelines for Environmental Approvals" with each type of project listed as a separate chapter.

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