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Chemical Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Schedule

Under the chemical monitoring program planned for April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 a total of 3,890 different types of samples will be collected.

All Drinking Water Quality data is now available via the Newfoundland and Labrador Water Resources Portal. Using the Community Water Resources Reports feature a Community can be selected to generate reports that show all of the Drinking Water Quality data the Department has collected for that community.

The sampling program has been designed in such a way that at least one tap water sample for inorganic parameters (spring and/or fall for surface water supplies, summer and/or winter for groundwater supplies) will be collected from each of the 479 public water supply serviced areas in the province.

  • 344 source water samples collected from water supply sources will be analyzed for inorganic chemical parameters.
  • 952 water samples collected at taps will be analyzed for inorganic chemical parameters.
  • 1,297 water samples collected at taps will be analyzed for THMs.
  • 1,297 water samples collected at taps will be analyzed for HAAs.

All sampling and related work will be carried out by the Water Resources Management Division.

Please note that while every reasonable effort will be made to collect all of the drinking water quality samples listed in the schedule circumstances such as inaccessibility to the site, lack of necessary chlorination, sample spoilage, staff travel restrictions or other factors will result in a certain percentage of missed samples. Data gaps will be filled on a priority basis but there will be limits placed on filling these gaps due to cost efficiency considerations.

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