Municipal Affairs and Environment

NL CABIN Sites Sampled By Environment and Climate Change Canada

Region Site Name Station Number
Central Boot Pond Brook NF02YQ0074
Central Jumpers Brook NF02YO0104
Central Little Careless Cove Brook NF02YQ0073
Central Little Flat Water Brook NF02YG0026
Central Little Indian Brook NF02YM0042
Central Little New Bay Pond Brook NF02YO0105
Central Little New Bay River NF02YP0019
Central Little Shoal Brook NF02YM0041
Central Powder House Pond Brook NF02YM0043
Central Sops Pond Brook NF02YP0020
Central Two Mile Brook NF02YP0018
Western Big Gull Pond Brook NF02YJ0035
Western Bound Brook NF02YE0063
Western Brig Bay Brook NF02YA0011
Western East Cove Brook NF02YC0012
Western Gilmores Pond Brook NF02YC0013
Western Kellys Brook NF02YA0012
Western Little Brook North of Island Pond NF02YE0065
Western Southwest Brook NF02YB0013
Western Three Tom Brook NF02YH0066
Western Tributary to Bowing Brook NF02YE0061
Western Tributary to Grand Lake Brook NF02YJ0034
Western Tributary to Greavett Brook NF02YE0062
Western Unnamed River North of Second Salmon Pond NF02YB0014
Western Unnamed River West of St Anthony Airport NF02YB0015
Western Unnamed Stream South of Pines Cove NF02YA0013
Western Unnamed Stream South of River of Ponds NF02YE0064
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