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Surface Water


The Surface Water Section has a number of brochures available for your information including:

  • Water Supply Area Protection Program and YOU!
    The main objective of the program is to protect and enhance the background or natural water quality of drinking water sources through land and water use control, and to ensure that good quality drinking water is available for present and future generations.
  • Surveying Newfoundland's Water
    Streamflow data are of great importance for the design and management of water resource projects and for the assessment of flood potential and protection
  • We All Depend on Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
    Newfoundland and Labrador is fortunate to have a large number of lakes, ponds and rivers.
  • What is a Water Supply Area Partnership?
    It's an area of land that drains into a lake, pond or river which supplies drinking water to a community or communities. The water supply area catches rain and snow and this precipitation drains into bogs, streams, lakes and finally into the intake pond, lake or river.
  • Source Water Protection
    Protecting our drinking water sources today means safe and clean water supplies for tomorrow.

If you require these brochures or more information on any of the topics mentioned above please contact us.

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