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Near-Real Time Weather Monitoring Information

Description and History of the System

The Water Resources Management Division (WRMD) established a automatic weather monitoring station in St. John’s located in Pippy Park near Mt. Scio Road in August 2004. Automatic weather stations are often used to provide local meteorological measurements that otherwise could only be obtained from a standard meteorological site. The objective of the weather station is to provide near real time weather information that can be used by the WRMD for the study of significant weather events, rainfall intensities and trends in weather events. It may also be of interest to the general public, environmental awareness groups, other government organizations and the private sector.

Weather Station

The weather station has a variety of sensors for measuring wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity and precipitation. A snowfall adaptor can be placed on the precipitation gauge that allows measurement of the water content of snow during winter months. Additional sensors can be added to the weather station in the future as required. Other features of the weather station include a tripod where the sensors are mounted, a solar panel for recharging the internal battery and a Campbell Scientific CR10X datalogger for recording measurements from the sensors.

At the Pippy Park monitoring station, the output from the sensors is recorded in 15 minute increments. This recording interval can be extended or reduced as required. Once the information is stored in the datalogger, it is downloaded automatically into a database located at the Department of Environment and Conservation.



Click here to see graphs showing the last 30 days of data from the Pippy Park station. These graphs are updated every two hours throughout the day.

All near-real time weather monitoring information is reported in Newfoundland Standard Time (NST) which is Greenwich Mean Time minus 3.5 hours. There is no adjustment made for Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings Time is in effect from April to October where time is adjusted forward by one hour on the first Sunday in April and turned back one hour on the last Sunday of October.

Calibration and Maintenance

The Weather Monitoring station is inspected periodically to inspect the sensors for problems, to ensure the solar panel is clean and is charging the battery correctly and to ensure the tripod is stable. The enclosure that houses the datalogger, battery and phone modem contains packages of desiccant that remove moisture from the enclosure. This desiccant is replaced as required. The sensors are factory calibrated when installed and are to be returned to the supplier for calibration every 2 years.


Provisional Near-Real time Weather Monitoring Data displayed on these pages is obtained from a weather monitoring station located in Pippy Park in St. John’s that is operated by the Water Resources Management Division of the Department of Environment and Climate Change.

Due to the volume and frequent updating of the data available on this Web site, the Weather Monitoring Data is PROVISIONAL and has not undergone quality control checks. These data may be subject to significant change. Some of the factors that may affect measurements include:

  • debris on the sensors
  • malfunction of sensors, recording or transmission equipment
  • loss of calibration
  • fouling of sensors
  • removal of instruments for maintenance

Data are reviewed on a regular basis by WRMD personnel to ensure accuracy. The data is considered PROVISIONAL until the data has undergone Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

Before using this data in making decisions that concern personal or public safety, substantial monetary expenditures, or other operational consequences, users must carefully consider the provisional nature of the information.

Information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data may be obtained by contacting Ali Khan, WRMD at or by calling at (709) 729-2563.

Comments or Problems

To report problems or offer suggestions on improvements, please send e-mail to:

Paul Neary

Senior Environmental Scientist
Tel: (709) 729-5743
Fax: (709) 729-0320

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For additional information on the weather monitoring information or any other water resources related topics please contact us.

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