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As a private water well owner, it is your job to be well aware — to understand the basics of well maintenance and operation, and to take the necessary actions to keep your water well in safe running order. This booklet is a guide to caring for your well and protecting the groundwater in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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  Size (MB)
Complete  booklet (37 pages) 3.4
By Section
Cover 1.3
Table of Contents and Introduction 0.3
Well Life Cycle
  • Groundwater basics 
  • Well type
  • Well location
  • Well construction
  • Upgrading your well
  • Well plugging and sealing
Well Maintenance
  • Protecting your well water
  • Well inspection
  • Water Conservation
Water Quality
  • Possible contaminants
  • Water testing
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Treatment systems
  • Hiring a well driller
  • Your well records
  • Resources
  • Water quality testing diary
  • Well maintenance diary

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