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Waste Management Funding

Capital Costs

Capital Funding for the implementation of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy is being facilitated by the Province from various funding sources, including a portion of the Federal Gas Tax Revenues for Newfoundland and Labrador. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is also supporting capital costs through its municipal capital works allocation. The government has committed to covering 100% of the required capital costs through these funding programs such that local governments will not have to borrow funds for capital expenditures; directly resulting in lower operational costs for communities and residents.

Capital funding is available for initiatives that advance the Strategy. Examples include:

  • engineering studies to identify both interim and long term options to consolidate and close existing dumpsites
  • purchase of waste collection vehicles that will facilitate the sharing of waste management services and result in the closure of dumpsites
  • necessary upgrades to existing waste disposal sites that facilitate the closure of neighboring sites (interim consolidations)
  • procurement and construction of waste management infrastructure such as: composting facilities; material recovery (recycling) facilities; engineered landfills; leachate collection and treatment systems; waste transfer facilities; associated infrastructure; as well as all related engineering costs and the initial acquisition of required equipment to support the operation

Requests for capital funding are to be made in writing to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment to the attention of the Director of Waste Management complete with documentation to support the request such as engineering reports and letters of support from involved communities. Individual communities are not typically eligible to receive Strategy funding unless they are working in cooperation with other communities for the sharing of services.

Recognizing that every scenario is unique, communities and local waste management committees are encouraged to work closely with the Waste Management Division of Municipal Affairs in the development of waste management plans and subsequent capital requests.

Communities that wish to advance the objectives of the Waste Management Strategy may contact the Waste Management Division of Municipal Affairs for additional information and guidance regarding capital funding support.

Operational Costs

Operational costs of waste management systems will continue to be the responsibility of users – communities, residents, business and industry. Operational costs will vary from region to region depending on the type of service that is provided. For some communities, this will mean that costs will be higher then what they have experienced in the absence of sound waste management practices – responsible waste management practices will cost more when compared to the open burning of garbage for example. However, sharing of waste management services among communities on a regional basis will allow for economies of scale and provide operational cost savings to users.

Recognizing that modern waste management will mean increased costs to municipalities, Municipal Affairs will consider waste management costs within the context of the overall municipal fiscal framework review currently being undertaken.

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