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Waste Management

The Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy

In response to public consultations, Government released the Newfoundland and Labrador Waste Management Strategy in 2002 with the aim of province-wide modern waste management. The implementation plan and funding commitment was announced in 2007. The primary goals of the strategy are:

  • Diversion of solid waste by 50%
  • Reduction in the number of waste disposal sites by 80%
  • Elimination of open burning and incineration
  • Phase out of unlined landfills
  • Province wide implementation by 2025

The plan envisioned delineating the province into zones governed by regional authorities as well as the development of regional waste disposal facilities (host sites) on the island portion of the Province. The two host sites are now operational (at Norris Arm North and Robin Hood Bay), with the remaining regions (non-host) on the island developing systems to transport waste to the two full service facilities with lined landfills for final disposal. In the interim, local landfill sites are being closed and consolidated to the extent possible.

The Strategy was not prescriptive for Labrador and the isolated and remote areas of the province. It was recognized that these sites would need to be addressed on an individual basis with emphasis on improving waste disposal practices, increasing waste diversion and eliminating incineration where possible.

The Waste Management Strategy is an interdepartmental initiative. The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment is responsible for working with communities to implement the strategy and establish regional governance, as well as environmental policy and standards. Service NL has responsibility for monitoring and enforcement. The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board has responsibility for public education, research and waste diversion programs.

Review of Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy

The Provincial Government undertook a complete review of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy in 2019. The review assessed the progress of the strategy since it was announced in 2002, the associated policy and legislative framework, and the role and mandate of the organizations involved in its implementation.

Report of the Review of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy PDF (3 MB)

Terms of Reference: Review of Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy PDF (563 KB)

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