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Municipal Training

Municipal Training is a departmental program serving the incorporated municipalities of Newfoundland and Labrador. The program exists to strengthen and improve the leadership, administrative, operational and other job related skills of municipal councillors, municipal administrators, and other municipal employees. The program accomplishes this primary goal by providing training and continuing educational opportunities in areas of importance to municipal councils and their staff. The program also develops quality resource materials that municipalities can use as guides to improving the management and operational capabilities at the local level.

Municipal Training Opportunities

Spring 2020 training topics will include:

  • Financial Evaluations
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Conducting Effective Council Meetings
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Land Use Planning

Regional training dates and registration information will be sent to all towns in early 2020 and posted here.

Registration is free for these training events.

Municipal Training Financial Assistance Fund

Municipal Long Service Awards


Municipal Elections 2017

Notice to the public and municipalities:
Municipal Election Forms (MEFs) are available on this site for the use of Returning Officers and other election officials for the purpose of administering the 2017 municipal general elections. Municipalities must ensure that any forms required by the public are provided in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act. Specifically, MEF- 11- Proxy Application, must be obtained directly from a Returning Officer, as per S. 27(3) of the Municipal Elections Act.

MEFs are fillable and may be easily customized for your town and saved. You can download all forms using the zip file below, or choose individual forms from the list below.

Individual Forms

Notice to federal public servants - Before you become a candidate, you must request and obtain permission from the Public Service Commission of Canada.

Municipal Council Handbook

The Municipal Council Handbook is a resource for municipal councils, councillors and staff, and contains information and guidance on applicable legislation and best practices. In preparation for the 2017 municipal elections, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment compiled a 2017 Interim Edition of the Municipal Council Handbook, which includes updated departmental references, contact information, and internet hyperlinks.

The department strongly encourages readers to cross-reference all references to legislation, regulations, and government programs, with current municipal legislation. Current municipal legislation can be found on the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment's website.

The handbook is available from Queen's Printer at a cost of $6.00 per book, plus tax and shipping. To request a quote, please email Municipalities can download the free, electronic copy using the link below:

Access To Information and Protection of Privacy Guide for Municipalities

This Guide will provide direction on how to handle various access and privacy issues. This Guide has been developed to support municipalities in following the ATIPP Act, 2015. A further update will be provided to municipalities when a standard for public disclosure for municipal governance is enacted within the Municipalities Act, 1999 as recommended by the ATIPPA Statutory Review Committee.

Budget Forms

Use either the Excel or PDF Budget Form. Only printed versions of these budget forms will be accepted by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment. Completed budget forms must be printed, signed and sent to your local Regional Office.

  • Municipal Budget Submission Form - PDF PDF (176 KB) - Excel XLS (1 MB)

Municipal Budget Submission Forms are due to be submitted to the Regional Office by:

  • December 31 in a non-election year; or
  • January 31 following a general election.

For budgets submitted by the deadline, the department will review and provide a written response on or before February 28.
For late submissions of budgets, the department will review and provide a written response as soon as practicable.

  • Local Service District Budget Submission Form - PDF PDF (159 KB) - Excel (1 MB)

Financial Evaluation Forms

Use either the Excel or PDF version of the Financial Evaluation Form. Completed forms must be sent to your local Regional Office.

  • Financial Evaluation Form for Municipalities PDF PDF (53 KB) Excel XLS (176 KB)
  • Financial Evaluation Form for Local Service Districts PDF PDF (56 KB) Excel XLS (167 KB)

Contact Information

Kim MacPherson

Manager, Municipal Training
Tel: (709) 729-5107
Fax: (709) 729-4475

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