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Methylmercury Monitoring in the Muskrat Falls Reservoir, Churchill River, Goose Bay, Lake Melville

Results from Methylmercury Monitoring

All data collected as part of the Methylmercury Monitoring Plan beginning on October 14, 2016, is available below:

The initial data collected under the plan represents the establishment of a baseline for methylmercury and related parameters that can be compared with future monitoring results.

Updates are provided on this site as soon as sample analysis results become available.

Methylmercury Monitoring Plan

Monitoring for methylmercury in the Lower Churchill River area is conducted as outlined in the Methylmercury Monitoring Plan pdf icon (2.65 MB).

The plan involves the thorough monitoring of the water quality of the Muskrat Falls Reservoir, portions of the Churchill River, Goose Bay, and Lake Melville and involves the assessment of changes in the level of methylmercury in water and sediment due to the creation of the reservoir. The plan builds on water quality monitoring that is already conducted by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment. The plan also augments methylmercury monitoring in biota (the animal and plant life) that is being conducted as part of Nalcor’s Aquatic Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan.

Methyl Mercury Sample Locations
Sampling Locations as per the Methylmercury Monitoring Plan

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