Municipal Affairs and Environment

Areas Subject to Federal-Provincial Flood Risk Mapping

Community Name Flood Information Map Municipal Status Area/Waterbody
Subject to Flooding
Ferryland Ferryland Town Coastal
Petty Harbour Petty Harbour Town Petty Harbour River
St. John's Waterford River Basin City Waterford River
Goulds   Third Pond
Cochrane Pond Brook
Raymond Brook
Doyle's Brook
Dirty Bridge Brook
Mount Pearl Waterford River Basin City Waterford River
Portugal Cove-St. Philips Portugal Cove
St. Philips
Town Murray's Pond River/MainRiver
Broad Cove River
Logy Bay - Middle Cove - OuterCove Outer Cove Town Outer Cove
Brigus Brigus Town Lamb's Brook
Carbonear Carbonear Town Island Pond Brook
Powell's Brook
Victoria Salmon Cove River - Victoria Town Salmon Cove River
Salmon Cove Salmon Cove River - Salmon Cove Town Salmon Cove River
Hant's Harbour Hant's Harbour Town Halfway Brook
Short's Brook
Winterton Western Pond Brook - Winterton Town Western Pond Brook
Heart's Delight Heart's Delight Town Heart's Delight Brook
Brook No. 1
Brook No. 2
Whitbourne Hodge River - Whitbourne Town Hodge River
Placentia Placentia Town Placentia Road
Northeast Arm
Southeast Arm
Jerseyside Flats
Rushoon Rushoon Town Rushoon River
Clarenville Shoal Harbour / Hodge's Cove Town Shoal Harbour River
Hodge's Cove Shoal Harbour / Hodge's Cove Local Service District Tidal Pond / Hodge's Cove Brook
Hickman's Harbour Hickman's Harbour Local Service District Tween Bridge Pond
Glovertown Glovertown Town Terra Nova River
Appleton Glenwood / Appleton Town Gander River
Glenwood Glenwood/
Town Gander River
Bishop's Falls Bishop's Falls Town Exploits River
Grand Falls - Windsor Rushy Pond Town Rushy Pond
Rushy Pond Rushy Pond Uninhabited Exploits River / Trans Canada Highway
Badger Badger Town Badger Brook
Little Red Indian Brook
Exploits River
Deer Lake Deer Lake Town Upper Humber River
Pasadena Deer Lake Town Deer Lake
Little Rapids Steady Brook Local Service District Humber River
Humber Village Steady Brook Unincorporated Humber River
Steady Brook Steady Brook Town Humber River
Cox's Cove Cox's Cove Town Middle Arm
Cox's Brook
Stephenville Crossing Stephenville Crossing / Black Duck Siding Town Rothesay Bay / St. George's River
Back Duck Siding 
(LSD within MPA)
Stephenville Stephenville Town Blanche Brook / Noel's Pond
Gaudon's Brook Gaudon's Brook / Cold Brook   Gaudon's Brook
Kippens Gaudon's Brook/ Cold Brook Town Gaudon's Brook
Cold Brook Gaudon's Brook/ Cold Brook Unincorporated Cold Brook
Coal Brook Codroy Valley Unincorporated South Branch
South Branch Codroy Valley Unincorporated South Branch
Doyles Codroy Valley Unincorporated Grand Codroy River
Upper Ferry Codroy Valley Local Service District Grand Codroy River
O'Regans Codroy Valley Unincorporated Grand Codroy River
Trout River Trout River Town Trout River
Parson's Pond Parson's Pond Town Parson's Pond

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