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Municipal Affairs provides administrative services for processing and arranging appeals filed by person(s) aggrieved of certain decisions by a municipal council or Service NL. Appeals are made under authority of Part VI of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000 External Link Icon.

The Regional Appeal Boards Establishment Order External Link Icon establishes four Regional Appeal Boards; they are:

  • West Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board.
  • Central Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board.
  • Eastern Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board.
  • Labrador Regional Appeal Board.

A regional appeal board can hear appeals of municipal council decisions regarding:

A regional appeal board can also hear appeals of Service NL decisions made under authority of the following regulations:

Not all decisions of a municipal council or Service NL involve matters that can be appealed to a regional appeal board. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak with the secretary for the Regional Appeal Boards, Mr. Robert Cotter, before filing your appeal. Mr. Cotter can be reached by telephone at 709-729-3088, or via email,

Persons interested in filing an appeal against decisions of the City of St. John’s must file that appeal with the St. John’s Local Board of Appeal. Information about the St. John’s Local Board of Appeal is available at the City of St. John's website External Link Icon.

How to file an appeal

To file an appeal with a regional appeal board, the following is required:

  • A completed Appeal Form (available below).
  • An appeal filing fee of $200 plus HST ($230 total, refunded if your appeal to the Board is successful).
  • A summary of the decision that you are appealing. You should include correspondence related to the decision that you are appealing, if available.
  • A written statement of the grounds for your appeal.

Download the Appeal Form

Appeals are heard in the order that they are filed with the Board. You will receive notification by registered mail of the time, date and place of the Appeal Hearing. You will be provided with any documents submitted to the Board by the Council or Service NL prior to the Hearing.

Board decisions are posted online after the Board confirms that the parties to each appeal have received a copy of the decision.

Regional Appeal Board Dockets and Decisions since January 2015

For further information about appeals, please contact:

Robert Cotter

Secretary to the Regional Appeal Boards

c/o Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment

Howley Building, Higgins Line

P.O Box 8700

St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6

Telephone: 709-729-3088

Fax: 709-729-3923


Frequently Asked Questions

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