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Certificates of Approval

The Waste Management Section develops and administers Certificates of Approval for the management of various types of waste materials. Below is a list of all active Certificates of Approval with the most recently issued approvals at the top.

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Approval # Proponent Issued Date Expiry Location Approval Type
Approval # Proponent Issued Date Expiry Location Approval Type
WMS-14-08-004 (1.89MB) AWAL Holdings Inc. 22-Jan-19 22-Jan-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-17-12-001 Central Regional Service Board 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-22 Norris Arm North Landfill, HHW depot & C & D site
WMS-17-12-004 Central Regional Service Board 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 7 Locations 7-Transfer Stations (solid Waste)
WMS17-12-005 Town of St. Brendan's 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 St. Bredan's Waste Recovery Facility
WMS17-12-006 Town of Change Islands 01-Dec-17 31-Dec-23 Change Islands Waste Recovery Facility
WMS08-03-003 Clean Harbors Canada Inc. 18-Mar-15 18-Mar-19 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-16-03-002 Country Ribbon Inc. 29-Apr-16 30-Apr-18 St. John's Wastewater treatment
WMS-15-10-011 Disposal Services Limited 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 Pasadena Wastewater Treatment and Septic Storage
WMS-2014-02-002 Robin Hood Bay - City of St. John's 28-Feb-14 28-Feb-19 St. John's Regional Landfill
WMS07-06-014 Belfor Property Restoration 12-Jun-17 12-Jun-21 Province Wide Special Waste Transporter
WMS15-09-009 Envirobate Inc. 02-Dec-16 02-Dec-19 province wide Asbestos Transporter
WMS07-02-004 (renewal) Harold Marcus Limited 25-Apr-17 25-Apr-21 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-10-03-002 Iron Ore Company of Canada 14-Jul-15 31-Jul-18 Labrador City- Private Soil Treatment Facility
WMS14-11-005 JMV Environment Inc. 21-Nov-14 21-Nov-18 province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-08-020 Marine Contractors Inc. 01-Apr-17 31-Mar-20 Stephenville Soil Treatment Facility
WMS09-05-004 Midland Transport 25-May-16 25-May-18 province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS12-03-010 Naskapi Heavy Machinery LP 15-Jun-16 15-Jun-18 Labrador region WDG/HW Transporter
WMS09-09-009 Newco Metals & Auto Recycling Limited 20-Jun-16 20-Jun-18 Province Wide Metal Crushing
WMS-14-06-001 Newfoundland Aqua Services Ltd. 01-Jul-17 01-Jul-20 St. Alban's Waste Management – Net Washing
WMS-16-05-003 Newfoundland Soiltec Inc. 01-May-16 31-May-19 St. John's & Corner Brook Soil Treatment Facility
WMS-15-10- 013 Pardy's - Dewatering Technologies Ltd. 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 St. John's Sewage/SludgeWastewater Treatment & Composting
WMS-15-10-012 Pardy's Waste Management and Industrial Services Ltd. 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 province wide Collection and Transportation Oily & Sewage Liquid Waste
WMS13-010-005 Pardy's Waste Management Industrial Services Limited 28-Sep-17 28-Sep-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-13-08-004 (364 KB) Rayan Investments Ltd. / Neighbourhood Recycling 24-Apr-2019  24-Apr-2022 Province Wide Metal Recycling
WMS06-09-015 (4.82MB) RESLP- Terrapure 28-Feb-19 28-Feb-24 province wide Transferstations and Transportation of Waste Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Waste and Non-hazardous treatment of drilling muds
WMS-12-06-12 Revolution Environmental Solutions LP (Terrapure) 28-Sep-16 30-Sep-19 Province Wide Wastewater Treatment
WMS-15-07-007 Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. 19-Oct-17 31-Oct-22 Happy Valley-Goose Bay Soil Treatment Facility
WMS09-04-003 (5.71 MB) Seaboard Transport 20-Apr-18 20-Apr-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-01-002 Services Sanitaires de Recyclage Experts Inc. ( SSRE ) 16-Feb-17 16-Feb-19 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS14-06-002 Solva-Rec Env. 29-Aug-14 Aug 29-2018 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS10-10-19 Stericycle ULC 14-Sep-17 14-Sep-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS08-10-016 Trans2D Logistics Inc. 23-Nov-16 23-Nov-18 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-15-09-008 Transport F. Gilbert 11-Sep-15 11-Sep-19 Province wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS06-12-021 Transport Rollex Ltee 21-Dec-16 21-Dec-18 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-05-006 Transport TFI 4 S.E.C. (Kingsway Vrac) 16-Aug-17 17-Aug-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-15-12-014 Universal Environmental Services Inc, 14-Dec-15 31-Dec-20 Sunnyside Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-010 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 St. John's Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-011 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Corner Brook Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-012 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Happy Valley- Goose Bay Soil Treatment Facility
WMS 10-07-013 Universal Environmental Services Inc. 30-Sep-16 30-Sep-20 Bishop Falls Soil Treatment Facility
WMS10-12-021 (208KB) Veolia ES Canada Services Industriels Inc 28-Feb-19 28-Feb-23 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS-16-009-009 Western Trading 23-Sep-16 23-Sep-18 Province wide C/T of oily and sewage liquid waste
WMS17-04-001 Marine Contractors Inc. 20-Apr-17 20-Apr-21 Province Wide Asbestos transporter
WMS08-10-015 Laidlaw Carriers Bulk GP Inc. 21-Apr-17 21-Apr-21 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS07-09-023 Capital Crane Limited 31-Mar-18 31-Jul-22 Province Wide C/T of liquid waste & mobile O/W treatment
WMS17-011-002 BDW Roofing Inc. 30-Nov-17 30-Nov-20 Province Wide Asbestos transporter
WMS11-10-007 Daniels Sharpsmart Canada Limited 12-Dec-17 12-Dec-22 Province Wide WDG/HW Transporter
WMS17-12-001 Enviro Green Septic Plumbing Ltd 03-Jan-18 03-Jan-20 Stephenville Septage treatment
WMS-15-10-10 Dewatering Technologies 01-Nov-15 01-Nov-20 Mount Pearl Waste Water Treatment
WMS-07-07-017 Envirosystems Inc 01-April-18 31-Mar-23 St. John's Collection of liquid waste (provincewide), oily water system,  treament of non hazardous drilling muds, and transfer and interm storage of water products from off shore vessels
WMS-18-04-001 (3.2 MB) Revolution Environmental Solutions LP (Terrapure) 20-April-18 20-April-21 Province Wide Collection and transportation of asbestos
WMS09-06-005 (220KB) Envirosystems Inc. NL division June 12, 2018 June 12, 2023 Province Wide Transportation of Waste Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Waste
WMS18-06-001 (328KB) Extension letter (31 KB) Newco Metal and Auto Recycling June 7, 2018 May 31, 2019 (extension issued May 23, 2019, expires Sept 30, 2019) St. John's Construct a metal shredder
WMS15-10-010 and WMS15-10-011 (71 KB) Pardy's Dewatering Technologies and Pardy's disposal Services Ltd. July 12, 2018 December 31, 2018 Mount Pearl Approval for the separation of spent drilling fluids/muds
WMS16-05-003 (513 KB) Newfoundland Soiltec Inc. July 12, 2018 July 12, 2021 St. John's Approval for the treatment of petroleum contaminated soil
WMS18-07-001 (480 KB) Universal Environmental Services Incorporated July 13, 2018 July 13, 2021 Wabush Approval for the treatment of petroleum  contaminated soil
WMS-13-06-002 (25 KB) Canadian Auto Recycling/Auto Parts Network September 13, 2018 January 15, 2019 Mount Pearl Extension of their approval
WMS-11-07-005 (36 KB) NLL Recycling Limited September 26, 2018 January 15, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval
WMS-11-05-001 (30 KB) NLL Recycling Limited September 26, 2018 January 15, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval
WMS-09-09-009 (36 KB) Newco Metal and Auto Recycling May 23, 2019 September 30, 2019 St. John's Extension to their approval
WMS-19-14-001 (180 KB) Enviro Green Septic Plumbing LTD April 26, 2019 April 26, 2021 Province wide Sewage sludge/septic collection

Any enquiries concerning the Certificate of Approval process can be forwarded to the Waste Management Section.

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