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Licensed Commercial Pesticide Vendors

Below you will find a list of Commercial Pesticide Vendors licensed to sell pesticides in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, as of August 13, 2015.

Commercial Vendor PVL #
Avalon Peninsula
Eastchem (NL) Inc. 14-020
Eastern Farmers Co-op Society Ltd. 14-024
Not in Province
Aqua Pharma Inc. 14-269
Nova Turf Care Products Limited 14-129
TrueNorth Specialty Products 14-022
Gardex Chemicals Ltd. 14-042
Truro Agromart Limited 14-040
Cavendish Agri Services Ltd. 14-047
Agrium Advanced Technologies 15-239
Out of Country
FVG Inc. (Fish Vet Group) 14-288

Total Number of Active Commercial Vendors: 10

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