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Industrial Compliance


It is the mandate of the Industrial Compliance Section to prevent the degradation of the environment by industrial operations, and ensure their compliance with the Provincial Regulations.

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The following services are provided to assist and regulate industry in the reduction of emissions of air pollution, discharge of wastewater and disposal of solid waste.

Certificates of Approval

The Industrial Compliance Section develops and administers Certificates of Approval for the Construction and/or Operation of various industrial facilities. Industries with air emissions and/or effluent discharge may be required to obtain a Certificate of Approval for the construction and operation of their facility. A Certificate of Approval consists of terms and conditions which regulate the activities of the industrial facility. This ensures that degradation of the environment does not occur and that the facility is in compliance with provincial environmental requirements.

The Industrial Compliance Section maintains a list of active Certificates of Approval.

Any enquiries concerning the Certificate of Approval process can be forwarded to the Industrial Compliance Section.

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Site Inspections

Section 90 of the Environmental Protection Act allows inspectors of the Industrial Compliance Section to conduct site inspections as may be necessary to ensure compliance with provincial environmental requirements. Inspections conducted by ICS may include: air, soil or water sampling; discussions with industry representatives; and review of records.

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Technical Advice/Expertise

The ICS provides technical advice to industry and public members on various issues including the following

Facility construction, installation, operation and reclamation

The ICS offers advice on how to perform the above activities while minimizing the environmental impacts. Such advice may be based on an evaluation of:

  • potential environmental impacts related to existing or proposed industrial facilities
  • pollution control equipment and strategies
  • pollution prevention strategies

Compliance monitoring programs

The ICS provides advice on the development and implementation of the following monitoring programs for industry:

  • environmental monitoring programs
  • source monitoring programs

These programs are essential in monitoring the environmental impact of industry operations and industry's compliance with provincial environmental requirements.

Oil and Hazardous Material Contingency Plans

ICS representatives are available to assist industry in the development and evaluation of a contingency plan. An effective plan provides a set of procedures to be implemented in the occurrence of a spill or leak of a deleterious substance.

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The Industrial Compliance Section receives and investigates environmental complaints regarding industrial activities. Such complaints may be received from the general public, or from industrial operations as per reporting requirements. If you would like to make an environmental complaint with regard to industry's activities, please forward your concerns to the Pollution Prevention Division.

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The ICS reviews monthly environmental monitoring reports of industrial air emissions and effluent testing data to ensure that industry members are complying with provincial environmental requirements. This allows ICS to verify that all emissions and effluent discharges are within acceptable levels. For many industry members, submission of such reports are a requirement of their Certificate of Approval for operation.

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Community Involvement

Representatives of the Industrial Compliance Section participate in various community related committees. These committees provide a forum whereby representatives of industry, government agencies and local communities can discuss environmental matters and other matters of general interest or concern.

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Policies and Guidance Documents


Guidance Documents

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