Municipal Affairs and Environment


Registration 1945

Harbour Arterial Mineral Workings Area (“HAMWA”) Expansion


Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:

The proponent intends to expand a 78.3 hectare bedrock aggregate quarry site within the municipal boundaries of the City of St. John’s, north of Paddy’s Pond and immediately south of the current Harbour Arterial Mineral Workings Area. The project was formerly registered as Registration 1703; however, the registration expired after three years of inactivity. The proposed project involves the development of surface quarries for the purpose of removing sand, gravel, and rock to support infrastructure developments on the Northeast Avalon Peninsula. Related uses may include the construction of temporary buildings (e.g., offices and garages), recycling and re-purposing construction materials, and remediation of contaminated soils. The quarry development may begin in certain areas as early as Spring 2018. Some of the issued quarry sites may not be developed until later (2019 - 2020).

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