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Registration 1939

Baie Verte Tailings Managment Facility Expansion, Ming Copper-Gold Mine 

Proponent: Rambler Metals and Mining Canada Limited

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:

The proponent is proposing to expand its tailing management facility at its Nugget Pond Mill Site on the Baie Verte Peninsula to accommodate tailings from current and future mining operations at the Ming Copper-Gold Mine, which has been in production since 2011. The current mining of high grade copper ore, in addition to newly confirmed resources, will increase the production rate to 1250 metric tonnes per day. The existing tailings impoundment does not have sufficient volume to contain the expected tailings generated from mining operations during 2019 through 2025. A new tailings impoundment is proposed for Camp Pond, a fishless waterbody in close proximity to the mill. The proposed project will include the construction of an earthen dam at the natural outflow of Camp Pond, relocation and extension of the existing tailings slurry delivery pipeline to Camp Pond, an effluent decant line, a small pump house and powerline to Camp Pond, outflow stream maintenance and improvements to an existing exploration road. Construction activities are expected to start in spring/summer 2018.

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