Municipal Affairs and Environment

Registration 1838

Argentia Access Road Industrial Composting Facility   

Proponent:  Metro Environmental Services Incorporated

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:

Metro Environmental Services Incorporated is proposing to establish an industrial composting facility to process a variety of organic waste from commercial and industrial sources in Newfoundland, to produce a marketable organic fertilizer product. Organic waste to be composted will include mink farm offal, spent hens, dead birds, poultry feathers, slaughterhouse offal and carcasses, and fish processing wastes. The organic waste will be mixed on-site with wood chips, sawdust and shredded plants, and the mixture will be distributed in long parallel windrows sufficiently spaced to be mechanically turned for aeration. The undertaking will be located approximately 3.5 kilometres southwest of the intersection of the TransCanada Highway and Route 100.  Project construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2016.



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