Municipal Affairs and Environment

Registration 1829

Stephenville Crossing Estuary Soft Shell Clam Farm                           

Proponent:  Mills Aquaculture Newfoundland Ltd.

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:

The proponent proposes to develop and operate a soft shell clam (Mya arenaria) aquaculture farm at Stephenville Crossing inside the barachois.  The total area is 337.89 hectares consisting of sand flats, mud flats, loose gravel and small rocks, ranging in size from fine to medium sand grains to poorly sorted boulder gravel.  The aquaculture plan calls for subdividing the area into equally sized subareas to compare enhancement techniques: unfished controlled, natural seeding, seeding with juvenile clams, seeding with spat and seeding plus protection from predators.  All bi-valves will be harvested with the principal focus on soft shell clams.  Juvenile clams would be returned to prescribed re-seeding plots onsite.  Undersized product and shells will be returned to the bottom.  If present, predatory species such as starfish and invasive species such as green crab will be recorded and destroyed.  All waste material will be collected and brought to the approved Provincial landfill site at St. George’s for disposal.  Harvesting will normally begin in April and continue into November.  The planned operations are scheduled to commence in April 2016.

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