Municipal Affairs and Environment

Registration 1821

Fleur de Lys Seal Processing and Tannery  

Proponent:    PhocaLux International Inc. 

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:
The proponent has submitted a proposal to expand an existing seal processing facility at Fleur de Lys to include seal skin tanning.  All tanning operations will take place on the first floor of an existing 2787 cubic metre building.  Minor renovations will be required and additional equipment relative to the tanning process will be installed, i.e., tanks, drums, piping and auxiliary machinery.  The tanning process will use a combination of chemicals and tanning activities will be phased in over the first year from 200 pelts a day to 400 pelts a day.  All liquid waste products and effluent from washing and tanning steps will be captured in an isolated, self-contained drainage system and placed into wastewater storage and treatment tanks on site.  Various methods of treatment of the different waste streams will be employed including process modifications and physio-chemical applications.  

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