Municipal Affairs and Environment

Registration 1160

5 Wing Goose Bay Military Use of Air DefenceCountermeasure Flares

Proponent: Department of National Defence

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

  • Project Description: The proponent proposes to use flares at 5 Wing Goose Bay for aircrew training in Air Defence Countermeasures. This represents an individual element within an overall training activity, which has already been approved under a previous Federal Environmental Panel Review process for the Department of National Defence in 1994. The main component of flares is magnesium pellets, and the only materials that should be deposited on the ground are the residual ash and incidental debris from flare canisters (typically a felt spacer and a plastic end cap). Flares are designed to be ejected from aircraft and to burn rapidly (3.5 to 5 seconds) well before reaching the ground. Flares are used to counter infrared systems. These systems can be either air-based (opposing aircraft with missiles and guns) or ground based (surface-to-air missiles or anti-aircraft artillery). DND assumes that about half of the total sorties flown (or 2,500) would deploy self protection flares. The use of flares in air defence countermeasures is tentatively scheduled to begin once the Provincial environmental assessment is completed.
  • October 8, 2004 - The undertaking was registered.
  • November 19, 2004 - Public comments are due.
  • November 22, 2004 - The Minister releases the project from further environmental assessment subject to conditions.

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