Municipal Affairs and Environment

Registration 990

Forest Management District 18 Five Year Operating Plan (Amendment)

Proponent: Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods

Summary of Environmental Assessment Process

Project Description:

  • The proponent proposes a timber harvesting amendment to the 5 year operating plan for Forest management District 18. The amendment areas (Croque Road and Marble Mine operating areas) are both located on the Northern Peninsula. The Croque Road operating area amendment is adjacent to the main road to Croque near Tom Rose's Pond and will cover 163 hectares of productive forest land and include the harvesting of 12,416 cubic metres of timber. The Marble Mine operating area amendment is in the same general area and will cover approximately 95 hectares of productive forest land and harvest 7,139 cubic metres of timber.
  • This amendment is necessary to provide additional timber stands to allow commercial logging interests to utilize the winter months to access timber by means other than normal forest access roads. Harvesting will be an integrated sawlog/pulpwood operation.
  • December 10, 2001 - The undertaking was registered.
  • February 11, 2002 - The Minister announced that the undertaking was released from environmental assessment.

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