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Water Resources Management Division


The Water Resources Management Division is responsible for the allocation of water use, stream alterations, protection of water supply areas, drinking water safety, licensing of well drillers and other aspects of water resource management as per provisions of the Water Resources Act.


Some of the key services provided by the Division include: operating and maintaining hydrometric, climate and water quality networks; acting as a lead government agency in drinking water quality monitoring and reporting; regulating public water and wastewater systems; regulating alterations of water bodies, managing allocation of water use and granting of water rights; conduct studies on water resources use, conservation, economics and valuation; conducting hydrological modelling and flood risk studies considering climate change adaptation; providing flood forecasting services; offering operator education, training and certification to water and wastewater operators; administering the permitting process for environmental projects and undertakings; carrying out flood and water resource investigations; participating in environmental assessments; offering programs to protect, enhance, conserve, develop, control and efficiently utilize the water resources, both surface water and groundwater, of Newfoundland and Labrador.


The primary clients of the division include: the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, communities in the province; federal agencies; and other provincial departments and agencies. Additional clients include: industry, engineering consultants; universities; academia; recreational users; non-government organizations such as watershed management committees; and other provincial, national and international agencies dealing with the water resources.


Haseen Khan

Water Resource Management Division
Department of Environment and Climate Change
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