Operator Education

The OETC Program delivers classroom-style education seminars at approximately 20 locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. These seminars were developed to deliver the theory of proper operation and maintenance to operators of municipal water and wastewater systems. They also provide operators with the knowledge base to prepare them to challenge certification exams.

Operator Education Curriculum

Operator Education Seminar Schedules

Spring 2017 Operator Education Seminars

Attention: Water and Wastewater System Operators

Please refer to the following table for information pertaining to seminar topics, locations, dates, and times. Operators, municipal staff, municipal officials, and other interested water professionals are welcome to attend. There is no fee for municipal participants associated with the seminars; however associated travel costs, including meals, are not included. There is a seminar fee for non-municipal participants.

LocationDateTimeTopicContact Person
Conception Bay South (EOC Facility – CBS Fire Hall)May 98:30 – 4:30Water Distribution System BasicsDarren Patey
May 108:30 – 4:30Water Distribution System Hydraulics
May 118:30 – 4:30Water Quality Issues
May 128:30 – 12:00Certification Exam
Happy Valley- Goose Bay (Government Service Centre 2 Tenth Street)May 16-178:30 – 4:30Potable Water Dispensing UnitsDeneen Spracklin
May 188:30 – 12:00Certification Exam
Corner Brook (City Hall – Multi-purpose Room)May 168:30 – 4:30Wastewater Collection BasicsJim Pollett
May 178:30 – 4:30Wastewater Collection Day 2
May 188:30 – 12:00Certification Exam
Channel-Port aux Basques (Town's Fire Hall) May 311:00 – 4:00Proper Handling of Chlorine and Chlorine ContainersChris Blanchard
Victoria (Community Center)June 11:00 – 4:00Source Water ProtectionDeneen Spracklin
St. John’s (Confed. Bldg.-Conference Room A)June 58:30-12:00Proper Handling of Chlorine and Chlorine ContainersGenny DeCoste
Happy Valley – Goose Bay (Town Arena)June 68:30 – 4:30Wastewater Collection BasicsJim Pollett
June 78:30 – 4:30Wastewater Collection Day 2
June 88:30 – 12:00Certification Exam
Wabush (Town Recreation Center)June 208:30 – 4:30Water Distribution System BasicsDarren Patey
June 218:30 – 4:30Water Distribution System Hydraulics
June 228:30 – 4:30Water Quality Issues
June 238:30 – 12:00Certification Exam

If you plan on attending any of the above noted seminars or certification exam sessions, please register with the appropriate contact person; contact information is provided below. To find out more information on the content to be covered during the seminars visit our website: http://www.env.gov.nl.ca/env/waterres/training/operator_education/index.html

If any communities are interested in scheduling a Community Information Session on the use of the Newfoundland and Labrador Water Resources Portal please contact Deneen Spracklin. These sessions will be arranged with communities on an individual basis.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements for challenging a certification exam visit www.env.gov.nl.ca/env/waterres/training/operator_certification/requirements.html. The cost to challenge an exam is $75.00 plus HST and an Application for Certification may need to be submitted.

Any municipal participants attending these seminars may be eligible for funding through the Municipal Training Financial Assistance Fund (MTF) administered by the Municipal Finance Division of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment. This funding assists elected municipal officials, municipal employees and municipal volunteers in gaining access to training and professional development opportunities. The funding application form is located here: http://www.ma.gov.nl.ca/training/index.html. Please contact Brenda Manning at (709) 729-4393 for any questions regarding the funding application.

If you have any questions regarding upcoming Operator Education Seminar please contact the following:

Darren L. Patey
Environmental Scientist
Phone: (709)729-7363
Email: darrenpatey@gov.nl.ca
Jim Pollett
Environmental Scientist
Phone: (709)292-4225
Email: jimpollett@gov.nl.ca
Deneen Spracklin
Program Lead
Phone: (709)729-1158
Email: dspracklin@gov.nl.ca
Gerry Lahey
Environmental Scientist
Phone: (709)637-2035
Email: glahey@gov.nl.ca
Chris Blanchard
Environmental Scientist
Phone: (709)637-2034
Email: cblancha@gov.nl.ca
Genny DeCoste
Environmental Scientist
Phone: (709)729-2558
Email: gennydecoste@gov.nl.ca

Additional Education Resources

ACWWA Newfoundland and Labrador Course Schedule:

Fall 2017 course schedule to be released in August

To obtain information pertaining to education seminar schedules contact:

Deneen Spracklin

Program Lead
PO Box 8700
St.John's, NL
A1B 4J6
Tel: (709) 729-1158
Fax: (709) 729-0320

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