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Stream Diversions/Modifications

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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
ALT6328-2012-amendment Muskrat Falls Corporation stream crossings (C10, C12, C13
C19 & ACC) for Southside Access Rd
27-Nov-15 31-Dec-18
ALT6480-2012 - amendment Nalcor Engergy stream crossings - Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls 02-Mar-16 02-Mar-18
ALT8123-2015 Indian Bay Ecosystems Corp. Stream Restoration 27-Jul-15 27-Jul-17
ALT6655-2012-Amendment Nalcor Energy stream crossings for HVac Trans Line and Reservoir Crossing - Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT7278-2014-Amendment Labrador Island Link Corp. Lower Churchill project - Temporary Stream Crossings and Fording for HVdc Overhead Transmission Line 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT7376-2014-Amendment Labrador Island Link Corp Lower Churchill project - Temporary Stream Crossings and Fording for HVdc Overhead Transmission Line - Newfoundland 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT7648-2014-Amendment Kid Kampus Inc. Paradise (unnamed stream) 12-Nov-15 19-Aug-16
ALT8294-2017 Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Various Bodies of Water - Stream Crossings 03-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT8490-2016 Robert Churchill Building Supplies Bay Roberts - unnamed body of water - stream diversion 29-Mar-16 29-Mar-18
ALT8722-2016 Town of Spaniard's Bay Spaniard's Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) - Stream Modification / Diversion 28-June-16 28-June-18
ALT8749-2016 Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Logger School Road Area (Unnamed Body of Water) Stream Crossing Removal 07-July-16 07-July-18
ALT8774-2016 Town of Paradise Paradise (Unnamed Body of Water) - Open Bottom Box Culvert and Stream Diversion 27-July-2016 27-July-2018
ALT9246-2017 ACAP Humber Arm Pasadena (South Brook) Stream bank stabalization at 18 Tenth Avenue 07-Jul-17 07-Jul-19
ALT9338-2017 Iron Ore Company Canada Lab City (Construction of a 1670 metre long buried pipe diversion between Luce Lake North and Luce Lake South) 06-Sep-17 06-Sep-19

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Any enquiries concerning availability of permitting documents may be directed to the Water Resources Management Division.

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