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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
ALT8154-2015-Amendment Northeast Builders Ltd. Twillingate (Shoal Tickle) Infilling 22-Mar-17 22-Mar-19
ALT8233-2015 Michele Stephens Dredging in Little Goose Pond 17-Aug-15 17-Aug-17
ALT8299-2015 Ivan Moore Moore's Cove - infilling 18-Sep-15 18-Sep-17
ALT8303-2015 Iron Ore Company of Canada Tinto Brook-Debris Removal & Restoration 15-Sep-15 15-Sep-17
ALT8303-2017-Amendment Iron Ore Company of Canada Tinto Brook-Debris Removal & Restoration 15-Sep-17 15-Oct-17
ALT8328-2015 Dowdens Point Concerned Citizens Committee Conception Bay South-Dredging (Seal Cove Channel) 30-Sep-15 30-Sep-17
ALT8350-2015 Dept. of Environment & Conservation Shoal Point (Port au Port Bay) Dredging for Remediation 20-Oct-15 20-Oct-17
Alt8355-2015 Town of Harbour Main Chapels Cove Lakeview Chapels Cove-Infilling and Stabilization 30-Oct-15 30-Oct-17
ALT8373-2015 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Bishop's Falls-DFO Fishway Repairs 13-Nov-15 13-Nov-17
ALT8395-2015 Clayton & Charles Harris Garnish-dredging 01-Dec-15 01-Dec-17
ALT8418-2015 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John's Harbour-Dredging 16-Dec-15 16-Dec-17
ALT8422-2015 Chris Jackman Big Goose Pond - Dredging 16-Dec-15 16-Dec-17
ALT8424-2015 Paul Strickland Cupids-Debris Removal & Marine Structure 16-Dec-15 16-Dec-17
ALT8462-2016 Placentia Rowing Committee Infilling and dredging 03-Feb-16 03-Feb-18
ALT8467-2016 Kelligrews Ecological Enhacement Program (KEEP) Dredging - Kelligews (Lower Gullies River) 05-Feb-16 05-Feb-18
ALT8476-2016 ExxonMobile Canada Properties Horizontal Drilling Cape Broyle (Brian's Cove) 08-Feb-16 08-Feb-18
ALT8495-2016 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Lawn - infilling & dredging (Great Lawn Harbour) 26-Feb-16 26-Feb-18
ALT8498-2016 LSD of Buchans Junction Debris Removal 24-Feb-16 24-Feb-18
ALT8508-2016 Nfld. & Labrador Hydro St. Albans (unnamed body of water) -
dredging for pumphouse replacement
25-Feb-16 25-Feb-18
ALT8527-2016 Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd. Wharf Reconstruction 08-Mar-16 08-Mar-18
ALT8543-2016 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Dredging - Twillingate Harbour 29-Mar-16 29-Mar-18
ALT8545-2016 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Dredging - Cow Head 30-Mar-16 30-Mar-18
ALT8552-2016 Johnson's Construction Ltd. Dredging - Bishop's Falls (Exploits River) 30-Mar-16 31-Dec-16
ALT8586-2016 Newfoundland Power Inc. Penstock replacement, retaining wall & infilling
Witless Bay (Perrys Brook - locally known as Pierre's Brook
20-Apr-16 20-Apr-18
ALT8600-2017 Fisheries & OCeans Canada Minor DFO Dredging and Works Projects 03-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT8639-2016 Roddickton Harbour Authority Roddickton (Unnamed Body of Water) - Dredging 05-May-16 05-May-18
ALT8641-2016 Labrador Island Link General Partner
Northern Peninsula (Unnamed Bodies of Water) - Infilling 10-May-16 10-May-18
ALT8652-2016 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) - Dredging 19-May-16 19-May-18
ALT8653-2016 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) - Dredging 19-May-16 19-May-18
ALT8657-2016 Paul Gregory Mahers (Learys Gullies) - Dredging 17-May-16 17-May-18
ALT8686-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada Labrador City (Unnamed Body of Water) Infilling - IOC Wabush 3 02-Aug-16 02-Aug-18
ALT8692-2016 Sunset Key Marina Inc. Conception Bay South (Long Pond) - Infilling and Dredging 16-June-16 16-June-18
ALT8701-2016 Daniel Hunt Port Blandford (Thorburn Lake) - Infilling 16-June-16 16-June-18
ALT8714-2016 Local Service District of Capelin Cove - Southport Long Beach (Long Beach Boat Basin - Southwest Arm) - Dredging and General Alteration 24-June-16 24-June-18
ALT8720-2016 Vincent Dinn Belbins Mill Pond Area (Unnamed Body of Water) - Dredging 14-July-2016 14-July-2018
ALT8742-2016 Town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay Happy Valley - Goose Bay (Churchill River) - Infilling / Shoreline Stabilization 05-July-2016 05-July-2018
ALT8825-2016 Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Real Property St. John's (The Basin / St. John's Harbour) - Dredging 23-August-2016 23-August-2018
ALT8827-2016 Town of Clarenville Clarenville (Shoal Harbour River) Dredging 21-Sept-16 21-Sept-18
ALT8835-2016 Blair Waterman Mahers (Golden Gullies) - Dredging 29-August-2016 29-August-2018
ALT8839-2016 Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Small Craft Harbours Fermeuse (Fermeuse Harbour) - Dredging 29-August-2016 29-August-2018
ALT8856-2016 Johnson's Construction Inc. Bishop's Falls (Exploits River) Infilling 06-Sept-16 06-Sept-18
ALT8873-2016 H. J. O'Connell Construction Ltd. Placentia - Temporary Fill 15-Sept-16 15-Sept-18
ALT8878-2016 Robert Bartlett & Phillips Clarke Bay Roberts (Spaniards Bay) - Dredging and Wharf/ Slipway Construction 21-Sept-16 21-Sept-18
ALT8886-2016 Paul Duffett Portugal Cove-St. Phillips (Unnamed Body of Water) Dredging and Infilling 11-Oct-16 11-Oct-18
ALT8891-2016 Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls Churchill Falls (Unnamed Body of Water) Dredging and Infilling 30-Sept-16 30-Sept-18
ALT8910-2016 Town of Springdale Springdale (Halls Bay) Slipway/Infilling 06-Oct-16 06-Oct-18
ALT8915-2016 St. Anthony Port Authority St. Anthony (St. Anthony Harbour) Dredging 27-Oct-16 27-Oct-18
ALT8923-2016 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Grand Bank (Grand Bank Harbour) Wharf Replacement and Dredging 19-Oct-16 19-Oct-18
ALT8927-2016 Dwight & Lindsey Lethbridge Cartwright (Cartwright Harbour) - Infilling 8-December-2016 8-December-2018
ALT8929-2016 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Seal Cove - White Bay Seal Cove) Dredging and Wharf Reconstruction 19-Oct-16 19-Oct-18
ALT8957-2016 Town of Bonavista Bonavista (Unnamed Body of Water) Dredging 04-Nov-16 04-Nov-18
ALT8995-2016 Town of Paradise Paradise (Unnamed Body of Water) Debris Removal 12-Dec-16 12-Dec-18
ALT9000-2016 Barrox Holding Incorporated Torbay (Unnamed Body of Water) Infilling 20-Dec-16 20-Dec-18
ALT9017-2017 Coady Construction & Excavating Ltd Portugal Cove-St. Phillips (Portugal Cove) Temporary Infilling 17-Jan-17 17-Jan-19
ALT9017-2017-Amendment Coady Construction & Excavating Ltd. Wabana (Bell Island Tickle) Temporary Infillling 19-Jan-17 19-Jan-19
ALT9023-2017 Town of Lewisporte Lewisporte (Lewisporte Harbour) Dredging 23-Jan-17 23-Jan-19
ALT9049-2017 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Makkovik Harbour - Dredging and infilling 13-Feb-17 13-Feb-19
ALT9072-2017 LSD of Random Sound West (Queens Cove) Queen's Cove Water Reservoir - Dredging 13-Mar-17 13-Mar-19
ALT9152-2017 Mr. Clifford Matchim Terra Nova Lake - Dredging 09-May-17 09-May-19
ALT9202-2017 Town of Harbour Main-Chapel's Cove-Lakeview Swimming Area Cleanout 07-Jun-17 07-Jun-19
ALT9224-2017 Newfoundland Power Inc. Sandy Brook Forebay Emergency Spillway Rehabilitation 21-Jun-17 21-Jun-19
ALT9369-2017 Iron Ore Company of Canada Labrador City - Infilling of shoreline for construction of Jetty and Geotube laydown area to facilitate dewatering 22-Sep-17 22-Sep-19
ALT9558-2018 Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro Head of Bay D-Espoir-Camp Boogy (Beer Brook) - Backfilling of washed away materials around the culverts and the adjacent road to restore communications 09-Feb-18 09-Mar-18

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