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General Alterations

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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
ALT6037-2011-Amendment Deer Lake Power Deer Lake and Watson's Brook - Penstock Treatment 27-Oct-16 27-Oct-18
ALT6688-Amendment-2012 Town of Deer Lake Deer Lake Beach - Debris Removal 10-May-17 31-Dec-22
ALT6700-2012 Nalcor Energy Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls
Bulk Excavation & Associated Civil Works
ALT6700-2012-Amendment Nalcor Energy Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls - Bulk Excavation and Associated Civil Works 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT7603-2014-Amendment Labrador Island Link Lower Churchill Project (Shoal Cove Brook) Shoal Cove HVde Cable Crossing 02-May-17 05-Aug-18
ALT8106-2015-Amendment Duck Pond Operations Tech Duck Pond Mine - Tailings Management Area Berms 06-Mar-17 10-Jun-19
ALT7282-2014-Amendment Labrador Island Link Corp Lower Churchill Project (Unnamed Waterbody) - Soldiers Pond Substation 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT8403-2015 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Grand Falls-Windsor-Fishway Repair 07-Dec-15 07-Dec-17
ALT8512-2016 Trevor Morris Retaining wall repair - Paradise 29-Feb-16 29-Feb-18
ALT8512-2016 Trevor Morris Amendment - Paradise (Three Island Pond) - Retaining Wall Repair 29-Feb-16 29-Feb-18
ALT8518-2016 Walter Calloway Cranberry Farm Extension 04-Mar-16 04-Mar-21
ALT8519-2016 Iron Ore Company Dewatering - Labrador City unnamed body of water 24-Mar-16 24-Mar-18
ALT8533-2016 Peters River Cranberry Farm Wooddale South-Cranberry Farm Expansion 17-Mar-16 17-Mar-21
ALT8537-2016 Berry Good Farms Cranberry Farm Extension - Grand Falls Windsor 22-Mar-16 22-Mar-21
ALT8555-2016 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Gambo (Middle Brook) DFO Fishway Repair 01-Apr-16 01-Apr-18
ALT8559-2016 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Wiltondale (Lomond River) - DFO Fishway Repairs 01-Apr-16 01-Apr-18
ALT8561-2016 Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Bishop's Falls (Great Ratting Brook) DFO Fishway Repairs 04-Apr-16 04-Apr-18
ALT8569-2016 Recon Development Inc. Wooddale-Cranberry Farm Expansion 05-Apr-16 05-Apr-18
ALT8602-2016 Northern Brook Cranberry Farm Botwood - Cranberry Farm Extension (Northern Arm Brook) 26-Apr-16 26-Apr-18
ALT8604-2016 Canda Fluorspar (NL) Inc. St. Lawrence Fluorspar Mine - Mill Site Event Pond 29-Apr-16 29-Apr-18
ALT8634-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Labrador City (Luce Lake) - Construction within the 15 metre Buffer 06-May-16 06-May-18
ALT8636-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Labrador City (Unnamed Body of Water) - Fish Habitat Enhancement 09-May-16 09-May-18
ALT8646-2016 Town of Avondale Avondale (Unnamed Body of Water) - Construction within the 15 metre Buffer 12-May-16 12-May-18
ALT8651-2016 Andrew Parsons & Joanne Hunt Indian Bay River - Retaining Wall 18-May-16 18-May-18
ALT8660-2016 Two J Contracting Ltd. Grand Falls - Windsor (Unnamed Body of Water) - Cranberry Farm Expansion 06-June-16 06-June-18
ALT8665-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada Labrador City (Unnamed Body of Water) General Alterations - IOC Wabush 3 18-July-16 18-July18
ALT8685-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada Labrador City (Unnamed Body of Water) Miscellaneous Work - IOC Wabush 3 18-July-16 18-July-18
ALT8693-2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro St. Josephs Cove (Cock and Hen Cove) - Construction of Temporary Ramp 10-June-16 10-June-18
ALT8697-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Labrador City (Wabush Lake) - Temporary Water Intake 22-June-16 22-June-18
ALT8704-2016 RJG Construction Portugal Cove - St. Philip's (Portugal Cove) - Shoreline Stabilization 28-June-16 28-June-18
ALT8725-2016 Local Service District Committee - St. Joseph's Cove St. Josephs Cove (Cock and Hen Cove) - Shoreline Protection and Access Ramp 28-June-16 28-June-18
ALT8728-2016 Canada Fluorspar (NL) Inc. St. Lawrence (Unnamed Body of Water) - Fish Barrier 29-June-2016 29-June-2018
ALT8756-2016 Admirals Beach Slipway Committee Admirals Beach - Rock Wall & Slipway 08-July-2016 08-July-2018
ALT8779-2016 Muskrat Falls Corporation Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls (Churchill River) - Debris/Ice/Safety Boom 27-July-2016 27-July-2018
ALT8795-2016 Long Pond Harbour Authority Inc. Long Pond - LPHA Mooring Park Replacement 05-August-2016 05-August-2018
ALT8800-2016 Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Limited Long Harbour - Camp Water Intake Removal 11-August-2016 11-August-2018
ALT8808-2016 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) - Debris Removal 26-August-2016 26-August-2018
ALT8810-2016 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) Fish Habitat Enhancement 15-Sept-16 15-Sept-18
ALT8813-2016 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Unnamed Body of Water) - Fishway Construction 26-August-2016 26-August-2018
ALT8822-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Labrador City - (Wabush Lake) - Boat Launch 23-August-2016 23-August-2018
ALT8824-2016 Town of North River North River (Unnamed Body of Water & North River) - General Alterations 23-August-2016 23-August-2018
ALT8828-2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Central Newfoundland (Long Island Tickle) - General Alteration 24-August-2016 24-August-2018
ALT8829-2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Mud Lake (Churchill River) - General Alteration 24-August-2016 24-August-2018
ALT8840-2016 Percy Greenslade Conception Bay South (Long Pond) - Dock Construction 06-September-2016 06-September-2018
ALT8857-2016 Town of Gambo Gambo (Unnamed Body of Water) General Alterations 12-Sept-16 12-Sept-18
ALT8879-2016 Random South Recreational Committee Little Heart's East - Abraham's Trail Upgrade 19-Sept-16 19-Sept-18
ALT8914-2016 Town of Paradise Paradise (Adams Pond) Removal of Several Unpermitted Wharves 16-Oct-2016 16-Oct-18
ALT8921-2016 Garry Manning Torbay (Unnamed Body of Water) Storm Drainage into a Body of Water 13-Oct-2016 13-Oct-18
ALT8935-2016 Julia Quirk Norris Arm - Shoreline Stabalization and Repair 20-Oct-16 20-Oct-18
ALT8936-2016 City of Corner Brook Corner Brook (Humber Arm Bay of Islands) Geotechnical Testing 20-Oct-16 20-Oct-18
ALT8956-2016 Corner Brook Port Corporation City of Corner Brook (Brakes Cove-Humber Arm-Bay of Islands) Geotechnical Testing 04-Nov-16 04-Nov-18
Corner Brook Port Corporation City of Corner Brook (Brakes Cove-Humber Arm-Bay of Islands) Geotechnical Testing 01-Nov-17 04-Nov-18
ALT8982-2016 Augustine Coombs Hodgewater Pond Area (Hodgewater Pond) Wharf Repairs and Stabalization 12-Dec-16 12-Dec-18
ALT8984-2016 Canada Fluorspar (NL) Inc. St. Lawrence (Grebes Nest Pond) Sediment Sampling 30-Nov-16 30-Nov-18
ALT9027-2017 Fisheries & Oceans Canada Terra Nova (Terra Nova River) Fishway Enhancement 01-Feb-16 01-Feb-18
ALT9071-2017 Town of Baytona Baytona(Birchy Bay) - Wharf/Slipway 01-Mar-17 01-Mar-19
ALT9073-2017 Nalcor Energy Menihek Gneration Station (Menihek) - Miscellaneous Works 01-Mar-17 01-Mar-19
ALT9091-2017 Nfld. and Labrador Hydro Holyrood (Indian Pond) - Miscellaneous Work 07-Mar-17 07-Mar-19
ALT9092-2017 Town f Lewisporte Storm Discharge into a Body of Water (Lewisporte Harbour) 19-Apr-17 19-Apr-19
ALT9116-2017 City of Mount Pearl (Unnamed Stream) - Contaminated Soil Removal 05-Apr-17 05-Apr-19
ALT9129-2017 Heritage Square Retirement Living Unnamed Brook - Conception Bay South - storm sewer discharge 17-May-17 17-May-19
ALT9143-2017 Town of Bonavista Bonavista (Canaille Brook) Reinstallation of a broken water service line to restore water supply to 3 DEowney's Lane 11-May-17 11-May-19
ALT9176-2017 Town of Labrador City (Little Wabush Lake) - Drake Ave. Infrastructure Upgrade 23-May-17 23-May-19
ALT9182-2017 Dept. of Tourism, Culture & Innovation T'Railway Provincial Park (Various Waterbodies) - Trail Repair and Restoration 30-May-17 30-May-19
ALT9187-2017 Dewcor Galway Stormwater Detention Pond CP 07C 30-May-17 30-May-19
ALT9245-2017 Imperial Oil Corner Brook (Humber River) Hydrostatic Tank Test Water Discharge 06-Jul-17  
ALT9288-2017 Indian Bay Ecosystem Indian Bay Watershed-Enhancement and Monitoring Project 01-Aug-17 01-Aug-18
ALT9291-2017 RJG Construction Ltd Embree (Atlantic Ocean) - Construction of access road for boat wreck removal 28-Jul-17 28-Aug-17
ALT9326-2017 Town of Ramea Seawall Upgrade and Repair 24-Aug-17 24-Aug-19
ALT9348-2017 Unity Resources Inc. Lawn River - Fording 01-Sep-17 01-Sep-19
ALT9360-2017 Town of Humber Arm South Town of Humber Arm South - (Cammies Brook) - Removal of debris from the brook adjacent to 73 Hillview Road 12-Sep-17 12-Oct-17
ALT9368-2017 Town of Trepassey (Atlantic Ocean) -Geotechnical Investigations for Wharf Replacement on Trepassey Harbour 21-Sep-17 21-Sep-19
ALT9372-2017 Town of Springdale Town of Springdale  (Springdale Marina) - Geotechnical Investigations on Rock Cove Island 28-Sep-17 28-Sep-19
ALT9374-2017 Department of Fisheries & Oceans -SCH Town of New-Wes-Valley  (Valleyfield Harbour, Atlantic Ocean) -Geotechnical Investigations for Wharf Replacement on Bonavista Bay 28-Sep-17 28-Sep-19
ALT9385-2017 Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation Indian Bay (Water Body Locally Named as Jim's Steady)- Restoration 29-Sep-17 29-Sep-19
ALT9380-2017 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Lab City (Luce Lake) - Dewatering from Luce Lake North to Luce Lake South 02-Oct-17 02-Oct-19
ALT9394-2017 Town of Carmanville Town of Carmanville (Atlantic Ocean) -  Protection of shoreline from erosion at 87-93 Main Street 05-Oct-17 05-Oct-19
ALT9414-2017 Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay Churchill River Replacement of an Existing Storm Sewer Outfall 18-Oct-17 18-Oct-19
ALT9426-2017 City of Corner Brook (Humber Arm-Atlantic Ocean) Geotechnical Investigation and Environmental Testing 23-Oct-17 23-Oct-19
ALT9438-2017 Department of Fisheries & Oceans -SCH Mary's Harbour (Northeast Cove) - Harbour Developmemnt 26-Oct-17 26-Oct-22
ALT9444-2017 Town of Arnold's Cove Town of Arnold's Cove (Arnold's Pond) - Remediation Work for Drainage Control 31-Oct-17 31-Oct-19
ALT9461-2017 Carbonear NL Swile Pond - Dredging 02-Nov-17 02-Nov-19
ALT9453-2017 Town of Snook's Arm Town of Snook's Arm (Camp Pond) - Geotechnical Investigation 01-Nov-17 01-Nov-19
ALT9452-2017 Bay D'Espoir Bay D'Espoir (Jeddore Lake) Breakwater Maintenance 02-Nov-17 02-Nov-19
ALT9443-2017 Northern Labrador Hutton Project (Northern Labrador) - Mineral Exploration & Development 30-Oct-17 30-Oct-19
ALT9468-2017 Mr. Jody Wentzell Lab City (Luce Lake) Backfilling of existing, discontinued White Lake Diversion Channel 16-Nov-17 16-Nov-19
ALT9466-2017 Jody Wentzell Labrador City - Backfilling, Grading and seeding of existing Luce Pit Sedimentation Pond Discharge Channel 20-Nov-17 20-Nov-19

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