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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
ALT6625-2012-Amendment Nalcor Energy Fording for HVac Transmission Line and Reservoir Clearing - Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls 07-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT8159-2015 Sokoman Iron Corp Fording in Benton Area 15-Jul-15 15-Jul-17
ALT8376-2015 City of St. John's Unnamed Body of Water-Fording-Petty Harbour 18-Nov-15 18-Nov-17
ALT8390-2015 Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro Menihek (Unamed Body of Water) - Fording 24-Nov-15 24-Nov-17
ALT8501-2016 Newfoundland Power Bay Roberts to Harbour Grace - Fording 24-Feb-16 24-Feb-18
ALT8504-2016 Newfoundland Power Black Duck Siding to Stephenville - Fording 24-Feb-16 24-Feb-18
ALT8506-2016 Nfld. & Labrador Hydro Bishops Falls to Glenwood (bodies of water) fording 26-Feb-16 26-Feb-18
ALT8507-2016 Nfld. & Labrador Hydro Chapel Arm (unnamed body of water)-fording 25-Feb-16 25-Feb-18
ALT8573-2016 Puddle Pond Resources Inc. Lamaline (unnamed bodies of water) Fording 07-Apr-16 07-Apr-18
ALT8574-2016 Exploits Welding & Machine Shop Glenwood (Salmon River) Temporary Bridge, culvert
12-Apr-16 12-Apr-18
ALT8575-2016 Exploits Welding & Machine Shop Bishop's Falls (Exploits River) - Fording 04-Apr-16 04-Apr-18
ALT8581-2016 Forestry & Agrifood Agency Fording - River of Ponds (unnamed Bodies of Water) 19-Apr-16 19-Apr-18
ALT8635-2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Badger (Pamehac Brook) - Fording 09-May-16 09-May-18
ALT8673-2016 Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Real Property Safety and Security Wiltondale (Lomond River) - Fording 10-June-16 10-June-18
ALT8731-2016 New Dawn Resources Inc. Avalon Peninsula near Tors Cove (Unnamed Body of Water ) - Fording 29-June-2016 29-June-2018
ALT8926-2016 Paragon Minerals Corporation Central Newfoundland (Unnamed Body of Water) Fording 17-Oct-16 17-Oct-18
ALT8938-2016 Dept. of Transportation and Works St. Alban's (Northwest Brook) Fording 21-Oct-16 21-Oct-18
ALT8966-2016 Paragon Minerals Corporation Central Newfoundland (Unnamed Body of Water) Fording 21-Nov-16 21-Nov-18
ALT9085-2017 Newfoundland Power Ltd. Carbonear (Unnamed Waterbodies) - Fording 30-Mar-17 30-Mar-19
ALT9097-2017 Deer Lake Power Deer Lake (Humber Canal) - Ice Boom 04-Apr-17 04-Apr-19
ALT9102-2017 Newfoundland Power Various Bodies of water - Fording and various work activities 21-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT9107-2017 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro - Nalcor Energy Co. Various Bodies of Water - Fording and various work activities 21-Mar-17 31-Dec-18
ALT9140-2017 Fisheries & Oceans Canada -- Small Craft Harbours Fischells Brook - Fording 02-May-17 02-May-19
ALT9215-2017 Fisheries & Land Resources (Unnamed Stream) - Fording 13-Jun-17 13-Jun-19
ALT9282-2017 Paragon Minerals Corporation Lake Ambrose Area (Unnamed Waterbody)-Fording 25-Jul-17 25-Jul-19
ALT9386-2017 Paragon Minerals Corporation Spancers Pond Area  (Unnamed Stream)-Fording 28-Sep-17 28-Sep-19
ALT9418-2017 Messina Minerals Inc. Howley Lake Area (Tulks West Brook) - Fording 17-Oct-17 17-Oct-19
ALT9429-2017 Town of Garnish - Point Rosie Trail Association Inc. Town of Garnish Garnish River-Construction of Fording 24-Oct-17 24-Oct-19
ALT9416-2017 Town of Springdale Buchshee Brook Town of Springdale (Buchshee Brook) - Construction of Fording 02-Nov-17 02-Nov-19
ALT9471-2017 Dave Davis Frozen Ocean Lake Tributary - Fording 09-Nov-17 09-Nov-19
ALT9304-2017 Janna Kenny Various Bodies of Water - Fording and other work acivities 14-Nov-17 31-Dec-18
ALT9391-2017 Mr. John Linfield Construction of Fording between Pinware River/Town of Red Bay 16-Nov-17 16-Nov-19
ALT9469-2017 Mr. Ross Houlihand Town of Torbay (Unnamed Brook running into Torbay Bight) - Fording 16-Nov-17 16-Nov-19

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Any enquiries concerning availability of permitting documents may be directed to the Water Resources Management Division.

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