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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
ALT8189-2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Goodyear Dam Temporary Repair 24-Jul-15 24-Jul-17
ALT8190-2015 Anaconda Mining Pine Cove Mine Phase II Tailings Dam and
 Polishing Pond Dam
11-Sep-15 11-Sep-17
ALT8268-2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Quarry Brook Dam Upgrades (Holyrood) 18-Sep-15 18-Sep-17
ALT8348-2015 Town of Grand Bank Grand Bank Brook Dam Upgrades 16-Oct-15 16-Oct-17
ALT8349-2015 Deer Lake Power Deer Lake Power - West Bank Dyke Stabilization 27-Oct-15 27-Oct-17
ALT8359-2015 Dept. of Natural Resources Buchans Mine Tailings Dam 1 Rehabilitation 03-Nov-15 03-Nov-17
ALT8442-2016 Town of McIvers McIvers water supply improvements and Feeder Brook Pond Dam 11-Jan-16 11-Jan-18
ALT8496-2016 Nalcor Energy-NL Hydro Bay d'Espoir Hydroelectric Development
Burnt Dam Gate Lift Upgrades
15-Apr-16 15-Apr-18
ALT8566-2016 Muskrat Falls Corporation Lower Churchill Project - Muskrat Falls -
Partial Removal of RCC Cofferdam
08-Apr-16 08-Apr-18
ALT7499-2014 Amendment Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Menihek Dam- Stop Log Replacement & Equipment Maintenance 15-Jun-16 31-Oct-16
ALT8707-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) IOC Wabush 3- Leg Lake Fish Barrier 22-July-16 22-July-18
ALT8712-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) IOC Wabush 3 - Pumphouse Pond Control Structure 22-July-16 22-July-18
ALT8721-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) IOC Wabush 3- Waste Rock Disposal Site Sedimentation Pond 22-July-16 22-July-18
ALT8723-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) IOC Wabush 3- Overburden Stockpile Site Sedimentation Pond 22-July-16 22-July-18
ALT8790-2016 Newfoundland Power Inc. Gull Pond Forebay Dam Refurbishment (Pierre's Brook Hydroelectric Development) 10-Aug-16 10-Aug-18
ALT8855-2016 Newfoundland Power Inc. Pitman's Pond Dam- Spillway Upgrades & Gatehouse Replacement (NCH/PIT Hydroelectric Development) 07-September-2016 07-September-2018
ALT8858-2016 Newfoundland Power Inc. Seal Cove Pond Dam- Spillway Upgrades and Gatehouse Replacement (NCH/PIT Hydro Development) 07-September-2016 07-September-2018
ALT8903-2016 Dewcor Galway-CP14B-Stormwater Pond 04-Oct-16 04-Oct-18
ALT8925-2016 Newfoundland Labrador Hydro Grand Falls Main Dam Rehabilitation 27-Oct-16 27-Oct-18
ALT9067-2017 Canada Fluorspar (NL) Inc. St. Lawrence Fluorspar Mine - Tailing Management Facility Dam 28-Feb-17 28-Feb-19

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