Section 58 – Permit for Constructing a Non-Domestic Well

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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
GW8181-2015 First Step Daycare Construction of Non-Domestic Drilled Well 22-Jul-15 22-Jul-16
GW8330-2015 LSD of Georgetown New Municipal Well for LSD of Georgetown 04-Oct-15 04-Oct-16
GW8337-2015 Town of Torbay Torbay Municipal Depot Water Supply 06-Oct-15 06-Oct-16
GW8338-2015 Clyde Way Holdings Limited Water supply for proposed warehouse 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
GW8339-2015 Town of Fogo Island 2 Public Water Supply wells 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
GW8340-2015 Iron Ore Company of Canada Water supply  and fire suppression wells
for new crusher building
21-Oct-15 21-Oct-16
GW8353-2015 Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board Water well for washroom 27-Oct-15 27-Oct-16
GW8356-2015 Valard LP Construction Potable water supply for camp 30-Oct-15 30-Oct-16
GW8357-2015 KGD Investments Ltd. Cape Broyle - Potable water supply well for
convenience store
30-Oct-15 30-Oct-16
GW8357-2015-Amendment KGD Investments Ltd. Potable water supply well for convenience store 16-Nov-15 30-Oct-16
GW8361-2015 Gilbert Newfoundland & Labrador
 Contracting Ltd
Non-potable water supply for
sanitary installations and soil testing lab
03-Nov-15 03-Nov-16
GW8366-2015 Peter Goulding Water for bathroom & lunchroom facilities-CBS 06-Nov-15 06-Nov-16
GW8369-2015 Newfoundland Power Inc. Geothermal well - Duffy Place-St. John's 09-Nov-15 09-Nov-16
GW8378-2015 Shalomar Properties Inc. Water well for bathroom - Bay Bulls 17-Nov-15 17-Nov-16
GW8389-2015 Valard LP Construction Water supply for camp Blue Cove 30-Nov-15 30-Nov-16
GW8398-2015 Valard LP Construction Water supply for camp - Birchy Narrows 14-Dec-15 14-Dec-16
GW8411-2015 Newfoundland Aqua Services Salt water well for salmon hatchery 10-Dec-15 10-Dec-16
GW8413-2015 BDP Rental Services Well for washroom facilities - Torbay 11-Dec-15 11-Dec-16
GW8419-2015 Philip Jones Water well for nine unit apartment building 31-Dec-15 31-Dec-17
GW8427-2015 Lakewood Development Corporation Water supply for camping sites - Marine Park
Pouch Cove
18-Dec-15 18-Dec-16
GW8456.2016 Eastern Composite Services Well for bathrooms, Long Harbour 18-Jan-16 18-Jan-17
GW8479-2016 Port Rexton Brewing Company Ltd. Water supply for microbrewery, Port Rexton 08-Feb-16 08-Feb-17
GW8526-2016 Town of Badger Well rehabilitation/disinfection 08-Mar-16 08-Mar-17
GW8529-2016 74623 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. Potable water well for IBEW College, Holyrood 09-Mar-16 09-Mar-17
GW8531-2016 Town of Baine Harbour Well for municipal water supply 16-Mar-16 16-Mar-17
GW8531-2016-Amendment Town of Baine Harbour Well for municipal water supply 19-May-16 16-Mar-17
GW8648-2016 Miawpukek First Nation Well for Jipuji'j Park, Conne River 12-May-16 12-May-17
GW8650-2016 Town of Torbay Well for UTC Park, Bauline Line 19-May-16 19-May-17
GW8663-2016 Labrador Straits Rental Well for temporary work camp, Labrador Transmission Line 19-May-16 19-May-17
GW8664-2016 Town of Holyrood Municipal wellhead improvements and upgrading on wells 1 and 3 24-May-16 24-May-17
GW8687-2016 Bay Group Inc. Deepening of existing water well 08-Jun-16 08-Jun-17
GW8688-2016 Dunrovin Cabins, Convenience, Gas and RV Park Installation of secondary well and future wells to service RV park 09-Jun-16 09-Jun-18
GW8724-2016 Fun in the Sun Ltd. Water well to supply campground 04-Jul-16 04-Jul-17
GW8738-2016 NCL Contractors Ltd. Well for Washrooms, Cormack Quarry 04-Jul-16 04-Jul-17
GW8751-2016 Iron Ore Company of Canada Dewatering well, Wabush # 3 08-Jul-16 08-Jul-17
GW8754-2016 Parks Canada - Gros Morne National Park Water supply for Green Point campground 08-Jul-16 08-Jul-17
GW8757-2016 Alexandria Future Holdings Inc. Water well for building 12-Jul-16 12-Jul-17
GW8772-2016 PowerTel Inc. Wells for temporary work camp, Burgeo Highway 21-Jul-16 21-Jul-17
GW8782-2016 Johnson's Construction Ltd. Dug well for temporary work camp 27-Jul-16 27-Jul-17
GW8798-2016 Anglican Parish of St. Philip Geothermal well installation 08-Aug-16 08-Aug-17
GW8805-2016 Jackladder Property Ltd. Well for seasonal RV Park 16-Aug-16 16-Aug-17
GW8817-2016 Pacer Corporation Well for showers and washrooms, Bottom Brook 19-Aug-16 19-Aug-17
GW8819-2016 Messina Minerals Inc. Well for office building 22-Aug-16 22-Aug-17
GW8826-2016 LSD Bay St. George South Municipal Wellhead alteration 23-Aug-16 23-Aug-17
GW8862-2016 O'Brien Farm Foundation Well for washrooms and kitchen 09-Sep-16 09-Sep-17
GW8871-2016 Murphy's Personal Care Home Potable water for personal care home 14-Sep-16 14-Sep-17
GW8912-2016 Young Estates Water supply for 12 apartments - Musgravetown 06-Oct-16 06-Oct-17
GW8943-2016 WR Cranford Holdings well to service bathroom & lunchroom for employees - Blaketown 25-Oct-16 25-Oct-17
GW8967-2016 Labrador Island Link Corp. Non potable water well for washroom trailer and office complex - Soldiers Pond 25-Nov-16 25-Nov-17
GW8989-2016 Town of Holyrood Installation of new municipal well 05-Dec-16 05-Dec-17
GW8998-2017 Valard Construction Temporary water supply for work camp - Mint Brook - Gambo 12-Jan-17 12-Jan-18
GW9025-2017 Fresh Health & Wellness Well for wellness center - Bay Bulls 25-Jan-17 25-Jan-18
GW9039-2017 Sunshine Investments Inc. well for washroom facilities, barn, animal, watering and farm market - Northern Arm 08-Feb-17 08-Feb-18
GW9047-2017 Black Creek Farms well for cattle - Tilton 13-Feb-17 13-Feb-18
GW9056-2017 Towno f Chance Cove New Municipal Well 22-Feb-17 22-Feb-18
GW9063-2017 Parks Canada - Cape Spear Water supply for Cape Spear National Historic Site 22-Feb-17 22-Feb-18
GW9065-2017 Murphys Sod Farm Well for farm use - Whitbourne 27-Feb-17 27-Feb-18
GW9075-2017 Town of Stephenville Well No. 2 Repairs 02-Mar-17 02-Mar-18
GW9119-2017 Bickerstaff Farms & Nurseries Dug well for watering greenhouse - Portugal Cove 02-Apr-17 02-Apr-18

Any enquiries concerning availability of permitting documents may be directed to the Water Resources Management Division.

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