Section 36-37 – Permit to Construct Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

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Permit # Permit Holder Title Issue Date Expiry Date
WS7119-2013 Amendment LSD of Bunyan's Cove Water System Improvements 12-Oct-16 31-Dec-16
WS7122-2013 Amendment Town of Bishop's Falls Sewage System Upgrade 2013 and Wastewater Treatment Facility 29-Jun-16 31-Dec-16
WS7122-2013 Amendment Town of Bishop's Falls Sewage System Upgrade 2013 and Wastewater Treatment Facility 04-Aug-16 31-Dec-16
Cadillac Services Limited Residential Development - Stage 1 - Kenmount Road 11-Dec-15 12-Feb-16
WS7652-2016 Town of Conception Bay South Water and Sewer Phase 45 25-Feb-16 25-Feb-18
WS7732-2014 Amendment Town of Whitbourne Main Street Water Replacement Phase 2 15-Aug-16 31-Dec-16
WS7349-2014 Amendment Murray's Pond Development Inc. Murray's Pond Subdivision Stage 3 31-Aug-16 31-Aug-17
Town of Carbonear Water and sewer upgrading LeMarchant Street
Phase II
19-Apr-16 19-Apr-17
WS8011-2015 Town of Riverhead Water System Improvements - Amendment 09-Oct-15 13-Apr-17
Town of Riverhead Water system improvements - Amendment 11-Jan-16 13-Apr-17
WS8135-2016 Dept. of Transportation & Works Portugal Cove-St. Phillips Grade 5 9 schhol CP02 04-Feb-16 04-Feb-18
WS8208-2015 Town of Cox's Cove Sanitary Sewer Upgrades 15-Sept-15 15-Sept-17
WS8252-2015 Gagnon Management Municipal Services, First Avenue - Amendment 28-Sept-15 28-Aug-17
WS8270-2015 Town of Long Harbour & Mount
Arlington Heights
Potable Water Treatment Plant 30-Sept-15 30-Sept-17
WS8273-2015 W. Reid Construction Limited King's Road Subdivision 29-Oct-15 29-Oct-17
WS8275-2016 Meade's Rental Properties Inc. Proposed 10 unit housing project Beach Road 21-Apr-16 21-Apr-18
WS8282-2015 Town of Humber Arm South Water & Sewer System - Frenchman's Cove Phase 2 10-Sept-15 10-Sept-17
WS8283-2015 Town of Kippens Watermain Upgrade - Phase 2 04-Sept-15 04-Sept-17
WS8290-2015 Town of Port au Choix Potable Water Dispensing Unit 10-Sept-15 10-Sept-17
WS8292-2015 Town of Cow Head Potable Water Dispensing Unit 10-Sept-15 10-Sept-17
WS8293-2015 Town of St. Lawrence Water and Sewer Systems Enhancements 10-Sept-15 10-Sept-17
WS8293-2015 Town of St. Lawrence Water & Sewer system enhacements 2015 10-Sept-15 10-Sept-17
WS8296-2015 Town of Norris Arm sewage lift station sewer overflows 11-Sept-15 11-Sept-17
WS8302-2015 Doug Rideout & Wanda Batten Residential Subdivision-Rideout's Road, CBS 15-Sept-15 15-Sept-17
WS8307-2015 Karwood Estates Inc. Veterans Memorial Business Park Phase 2 29-Oct-15 29-Oct-17
WS8314-2015 LSD of Castor River North watermain upgrade 30-Oct-15 30-Oct-17
WS8321-2015 Town of Deer Lake Sewage Pumping Station Upgrade, Lakeside Drive 24-Sept-15 24-Sept-17
WS8324-2015 Town of Centreville-Wareham
Wareham Pumphouse Pumping System Upgrade 25-Sept-15 25-Sept-17
WS8325-2015 Cecon Development Corporation Eastgate Subdivision Phase 2 28-Sept-15 28-Sept-17
WS8326-2015 Town of Gander Cooper Boulevard Infrastructure Upgrading 28-Sept-15 28-Sept-17
WS8329-2015 Town of Bay Roberts CP2 Watermain Upgrades 09-Oct-15 09-Oct-17
WS8329-2015 Amendment Town of Bay Roberts CP2 Watermain Upgrades 14-Jul-16 09-Oct-17
WS8347-2015 Town of  Wabana CP4 West Dam Water Supply Well #16 and #17 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-17
WS8358-2015 BTG Development Inc. Murdoch Drive Subdivision Development 12-Nov-15 12-Nov-17
WS8360-2015 Town of Glovertown Station Road Booster Pumphouse Upgrades 03-Nov-15 03-Nov-17
WS8364-2015 LSD of George's Brook-Milton Milton Clarenville Watermain Interconnection 05-Nov-15 05-Nov-17
WS8372-2015 LSD of Freshwater Arsenic Removal System - Wallace Snow Well 12-Nov-15 12-Nov-17
WS8377-2015 Town of Burin Burin-Sewage Lift Station Upgrade 26-Nov-15 26-Nov-17
WS8380-2015 Town of Harbour Main-Chapels Cove
Harbour Main Point Road Watermain Extension 17-Nov-15 17-Nov-17
WS8381-2015 Town of Arnolds Cove New Industrial Park - Phase 1 18-Nov-15 18-Nov-17
WS8383-2015 Town of Small Point-Adams Cove-Blackhead
Broad Cove
Well Upgrading Part C Leonard King Well 24-Nov-15 24-Nov-17
WS8385-2015 Walker Enterprises Inc. Walker Grove Development Phase 1 - CBS 19-Nov-15 19-Nov-17
WS8386-2015 Town of Fermeuse Sanitary sewer system extension Brophy's Lane 20-Nov-15 20-Nov-17
WS8393-2015 Hayward Homes Ltd. Hayward Homes Development - CBS 26-Nov-15 26-Nov-17
WS8396-2015 Town of Botwood Reservoir Control & Pressure Reducing Stations 26-Nov-15 26-Nov-17
WS8401-2016 Town of Massey Drive Sanitary sewer upgrading 07-Apr-16 07-Apr-18
WS8406-2015 Warren Strong Gander-Strong Subdivision Penwell Street 09-Dec-15 09-Dec-17
WS8408-2015 Town of Kippens New SCADA System 09-Dec-15 09-Dec-17
WS8409-2015 LSD of Burgoyne's Cove Burgoyne's Cove-Waterline Replacement-Clifton 08-Dec-15 08-Dec-17
WS8410-2015 Town of Clarkes Beach Water system upgrades - PRV Relocation 09-Dec-15 09-Dec-17
WS8412-2015 Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity Bayview Heights Subdivision Ext. 10-Dec-15 10-Dec-17
WS8417-2016 Town of Glovertown Water Supply intake upgrade 11-Jan-16 11-Jan-18
WS8423-2015 Town of Cuids Chlorine Booster Building Upgrading 16-Dec-15 16-Dec-17
WS8426-2015 Town of Harbour Grace water & sewer Bennetts Lane 16-Dec-15 16-Dec-17
WS8448-2016 Town of Lamaline Potable water dispensing unit 06-Jan-16 06-Jan-18
WS8457-2016 Town of Riverhead Bio-purge Application 2016 25-Jan-16 25-Jan-18
WS8458-2016 Weir's Construction Limited Dunns Hill Road Subdivision 26-Jan-16 26-Jan-18
WS8459-2016 Town of Bay De Verde disinfection & pumping system upgrades 27-Jan-16 27-Jan-18
WS8461-2016 Town of Holyrood CBH Watermain Upgrade (Woodford Station -
Healeys Well and Quinlan's Well
27-Jan-16 27-Jan-18
WS8463-2016 Town of Lewisporte water suppy intake replacement 16-Feb-16 16-Feb-18
WS8464-2016 Donovan Homes Limited Mount Carson Stage 7 29-Jan-16 29-Jan-18
WS8465-2016 Bristol Developments Inc. Kelsey Drive commercial area street B 25-Feb-16 25-Feb-18
WS8466-2016 Town of Ferryland Quarry Road Sewer Extension 01-Feb-16 01-Feb-18
WS8468-2016 Town of Marystown Greenwood Street West Sewer Extension 01-Feb-16 01-Feb-18
WS8471-2016 H3 Development Ltd. Phase 1 Kenmount Road Water & Sewer Extension 03-Feb-16 03-Feb-18
WS8472-2016 Town of New Perlican Pumphouse Upgrades 04-Feb-16 04-Feb-18
WS8474-2016 Weir's Construction Limited CBS-Rideout's Road Residential Subdivision 04-Feb-16 04-Feb-18
WS8482-2016 LSD of New Chelsea-New Melbourne-Brownsdale Water System Upgrading 2016 - New Chelsea
New Melbournee-Brownsdale-Sibleys Cove-Lead Cove
12-Feb-16 12-Feb-18
WS8483-2016 63517 Newfoundland & Labrador Ltd. Bay Roberts-Sanitary Sewer Extension 16-Feb-16 16-Feb-18
WS8485-2016 Town of Gander Airport Boulevard Infrastructure Upgrading 16-Feb-16 16-Feb-18
WS8488-2016 HJR Holdings Limited Lawrence Pond Estates Phase 7 17-Feb-16 17-Feb-18
WS8542-2016 Town of St. Alban's Chlorination System Upgrades 29-Mar-16 29-Mar-18
WS8544-2016 Danny Penney New 11 lot Subdivision off Forest Road 29-Mar-16 29-Mar-18
WS8547-2016 Town of Gander Raynham Avenue Infrastructure Upgrading 30-Mar-16 30-Mar-18
WS8550-2016 City of St. John's Water Transmission Main Replacement
Phase 1 Blackmarsh Road to Empire Avenue
04-Apr-16 04-Apr-18
WS8563-2016 Galway Residential GP Incorporated St. John's - Galway CPII Stage 1 05-Apr-16 05-Apr-18
WS8572-2016 Local Service District of Marysvale Marysvale - Water System Upgrading 07-Apr-16 07-Apr-18
WS8576-2016 Town of Conception Bay South Water and Sewer Phase 46 CPI 13-Apr-16 13-Apr-18
WS8583-2016 Town of Arnolds Cove Harbour Buffett Road Upgrading Phase 1 18-Apr-16 18-Apr-18
WS8584-2016 Town of Gambo Soda Ash Injection System 19-Apr-16 19-Apr-18
WS8585-2016 Mr. Roy Bugden Lewin's Cove-Roy Bugen Proposed Subdivision 19-Apr-16 19-Apr-18
WS8593-2016 Town of Clarenville Clarenville Shopping Centre Parking Lot Reconstruction 21-Apr-16 21-Apr-18
WS8597-2016 Town of Grand Bank Water and Sewer Extension 21-Apr-16 21-Apr-18
WS8613-2016 Town of Hant's Harbour Lift Station Upgrades Phase 2 27-Apr-16 27-Apr-18
WS8614-2016 Town of Labrador City Harrie Lake Sewage Treatment Plant 03-May-16 03-May-18
WS8615-2016 Town of Glovertown Riverside Road East Lift Station Retrofit 27-Apr-16 27-Apr-18
WS8619-2016 Town of Grand Falls-Windsor Botwood Meter Chamber 04-May-16 04-May-18
WS8633-2016 City of St. John's Bay Bulls Big Pond Water Treatment Plant CP4 Upgrading 06-May-16 06-May-18
WS8637-2016 Jim's Carpentry & Upholstrey Limited Tobin's Place - Phase 2 06-May-16 06-May-18
WS8647-2016 Thistle Investments Inc. Thistle Investments Subdivision (Burin) 25-May-16 25-May-18
WS8655-2016 Town of Holyrood Well #1 and #3 Upgrading (Main Line) 17-May-16 17-May-18
WS8658-2016 Avalon Coal, Salt & Oil Company Sanitary Sewer Site Servicing 02-Jun-16 02-Jun-18
WS8661-2016 CECON Development Corporation Eastgate Subdivision Phase 3 17-May-16 17-May-18
WS8667-2016 Mr. Wayne Lodge Wayne Lodge - Subdivision Development 30-May-16 30-May-18
WS8668-2016 Town of Happy Valley- Goose Bay Happy Valley-Goose Bay Splash Pad 03-Jun-16 03-Jun-18
WS8670-2016 Town of Hermitage-Sandyville Water Storage Tank and Plant Upgrading 29-Jun-16 29-Jun-18
WS8671-2016 Hussey Group of Companies Northern Pines Subdivision Phase 1 01-Jun-16 01-Jun-18
WS8674-2016 Shoal Investments Limited Commercial Development off Thompson Street 02-Jun-16 02-Jun-18
WS8680-2016 St. John's International Airport Authority World Parkway Intersection Improvements 02-Jun-16 02-Jun-18
WS8681-2016 Town of Anchor Point Anchor Point - Water Supply Upgrades 08-Jun-16 08-Jun-18
WS8682-2016 Town of Gander  Edinburg Avenue Infrastructure Upgrading 20-Jun-16 20-Jun-18
WS8683-2016 Town of Burgeo Bio-Purge Application 2016 10-Jun-16 10-Jun-18
WS8690-2016 City of Corner Brook East Feedermain Upgrades 10-Jun-16 10-Jun-18
WS8695-2016 City of Corner Brook Georgetown Road Flushing Valve Chamber 06-Jul-16 06-Jul-18
WS8698-2016 Mr. Glenn MacKey Trinity Bay North - Route 230 Water and Sewer Services 16-Jun-16 16-Jun-18
WS8700-2016 Town of Lewin's Cove Septic Tank on Existing Outfalls 16-Jun-16 16-Jun-18
WS8705-2016 Town of Sunnyside  Filtration Pilot Project 20-Jun-16 20-Jun-18
WS8706-2016 Town of Channel Port aux Basques 24 Lot Subdivision - Grand Bay West 29-Jun-16 29-Jun-18
WS8708-2016 Town of Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove Waterline Upgrading Part D 2016 22-Jun-16 22-Jun-18
WS8711-2016 H&E Designs Ltd. Placentia - Proposed Residential Subdivision 21-Jun-16 21-Jun-18
WS8713-2016 Town of Harbour Grace Water and Sewer Upgrading Lady Lake Road/Kitchen's Hill 21-Jun-16 21-Jun-18
WS8718-2016 City of St. John's Redmond's Road Water Main Extension 23-Jun-16 23-Jun-18
WS8735-2016 Town of Cupids Main Booster Building Upgrading 2016 30-Jun-16 30-Jun-18
WS8737-2016 Town of Clarenville Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades 2016 30-Jun-16 30-Jun-18
WS8739-2016 Town of Hare Bay Sanitary Sewer System 15-Jul-16 15-Jul-18
WS8755-2016 Mr. Murray Kearley Grand Falls-Windsor - Corduory Pond Subdivision -  Phase 4 02-Aug-16 02-Aug-18
WS8764-2016 Mr. Frank Gosse Torbay - Cannon Marsh Road Water and Sewer Extension 14-Jul-16 14-Jul-18
WS8787-2016 Local Service District of Thornlea Water Intake Upgrades and Pigging 02-Sep-16 02-Sep-18
WS8789-2016 Town of Marystown Water Street East Upgrades 01-Aug-16 01-Aug-18
WS8794-2016 Town of Birchy Bay Chlorination System Upgrade 17-Aug-16 17-Aug-18
WS8801-2016 GDR Enterprise Ltd. Wheelers Road Development 31-Aug-16 31-Aug-18
WS8803-2016 Town of Grands Falls-Windsor Grenfell Heights Lift Station Overflow 23-Aug-16 23-Aug-18
WS8804-2016 Town of Makkovik Sewage Lify Stations Upgrades 16-Aug-16 16-Aug-18
WS8807-2016 Town of Labrador City Municipal Depot, Water and Sewer Services 18-Aug-16 18-Aug-18
WS8812-2016 Town of St. Lunaire-Griquet Dark Tickle - Sewer System 09-Sep-16 09-Sep-18
WS8816-2016 Valleyview Estates Inc. Foote Street Subdivision Phase 4 24-Aug-16 24-Aug-18
WS8830-2016 Town of Burgeo Flushing Stations 26-Aug-16 26-Aug-18
WS8831-2016 Town of Deer Lake Gatehouse Road and Devon Row Upgrades 13-Sep-16 13-Sep-18
WS8837-2016 LSD of Bay St. George South New Watermain Installation 31-Aug-16 31-Aug-18
WS8838-2016 Dewcor Galway CP-14A 29-Aug-16 29-Aug-18
WS8848-2016 City of Corner Brook Combined Sewer Separation - Phase 1 19-Sep-16 19-Sep-18
WS8854-2016 City of Mount Pearl Topsail Blackmarsh Infrastructure Upgrades Part B 20-Sep-16 20-Sep-18
WS8861-2016 LSD of Georgetown Water Supply System 2016 03-Oct-16 03-Oct-18
WS8863-2016 Town of Carbonear Bond Street Upgrading Part A 09-Sep-16 09-Sep-18
WS8864-2016 Town of Conception Bay South 34 Lot Subdivision off Hibbs Road 09-Sep-16 09-Sep-18
WS8869-2016 Town of Hawke's Bay Water Tower Internal Piping Replacement 23-Sep-16 23-Sep-18
WS8877-2016 Town of Hopedale Water System Upgrades 03-Oct-16 03-Oct-18
WS8880-2016 Town of Grand Bank Water ans Sewer Extension Stoodley Place 20-Sep-16 20-Sep-18
WS8918-2016 Town of Placentia Southeast Sanitary Forcemain Replacement 12-Oct-16 12-Oct-18
WS8920-2016 Town of Clarenville Infrastructure Upgrades 2016 13-Oct-16 13-Oct-18
WS8922-2016 Town of Pasadena Splash Pad 17-Oct-16 17-Oct-18
WS8928-2016 Town of Conception Bay South Tilley's Road South Upgrades 17-Oct-16 17-Oct-18
WS8931-2016 61902 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited Westfield Condominium Stage 2 18-Oct-16 18-Oct-18
WS8933-2016 Department of Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs Industrial Water Supply Upgrading 2016 21-Oct-16 21-Oct-18
WS8937-2016 Town of Southern Harbour Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades 20-Oct-16 20-Oct-18
WS8941-2016 Town of Triton Trailer RV Park Water Service 25-Oct-16 25-Oct-18
WS8944-2016 Mr. Robin Elms Water Service for Cherry Wood Cottages 28-Oct-16 28-Oct-18
WS8951-2016 Town of Nain 2016 Water System Upgrades 14-Nov-16 14-Nov-18
WS8954-2016 Town of Stephenville Grove Street Rehabilitation - Phase 2 14-Nov-16 14-Nov-18
WS8963-2016 Dept. of Municipal Affairs Dildo Water System Improvements 22-Nov-16 22-Nov-18
WS8968-2016 Town of Labrador City UV Disinfection system and blowers 22-Nov-16 22-Nov-18
WS8976-2016 Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity Lift Station Upgrades 23-Nov-16 23-Nov-18
WS8997-2017 Town of Parsons Pond New outfall and Communal Septic Tank 11-Jan-17 11-Jan-19
WS9002-2017 Town of Lewisporte Lockmoor Street Water and Sewer Upgrades 12-Jan-17 12-Jan-19
WS9005-2017 Town of Ferryland Top Road Sewer Main Extension 09-Jan-17 09-Jan-19
WS9007-2017 Town of St. Anthony Water Transmission Main-Phase 3-Pipe Crossings/Culverts 16-Feb-17 16-Feb-19
WS9009-2017 Town of Trinity Bay North Water Main Rehabilitation Bonavista Highway 11-Jan-17 11-Jan-19
WS9011-2017 Town of Riverhead Water System Improvements Phase 2 12-Jan-17 12-Jan-19
WS9016-2017 Town of Port Hope Simpson Notley Drive-Water and sewer system 25-Jan-17 25-Jan-19
WS9018-2017 Town of Trout River Sanitary Sewer Forcemain Upgrades 23-Feb-17 23-Feb-19
WS9019-2017 Town of Marystown Greenwood Street Area water and sewer upgrading 19-Jan-17 19-Jan-19
WS9021-2017 Town of Comfort Cove-Newstead Pumphouse Improvements 24-Jan-17 24-Jan-19
WS9028-2017 Town of Norris Point Watermain upgrades - main street 26-Jan-17 26-Jan-19
WS9032-2017 Town of Stephenville St. Clare Avenue-water & sewer upgrades 30-Jan-17 30-Jan-19
WS9038-2017 Town of Channel Port Au Basques Caribou Road Waterline Bypass 17-Feb-17 17-Feb-19
WS9043-2017 Town of Fermeuse Sewer System - Lumley Road 16-Feb-17 16-Feb-19
WS9044-2017 Town of Bonavista White Rock Road Route 235 Water and Sewer Extension 02-Mar-17 02-Mar-19
WS9046-2017 Town of Fortune Snooks Road - water and sewer system extension 16-Feb-17 16-Feb-19
WS9048-2017 Town of Lourdes Waterline Extension to Clam Bank Cove 14-Feb-17 14-Feb-19
WS9050-2017 Town of Port Au Port East Watermain Upgrade 14-Feb-17 14-Feb-19
WS9051-2017 Town of Hawkes Bay Lift Station Upgrade 14-Feb-17 14-Feb-19
WS9052-2017 SCB Holdings (2012) Inc. Grand Falls Winsor-Amber Estates - Phase 1 01-Mar-17 01-Mar-19
WS9055-2017 Town of Brent's Cove Dam Replacement and Watermain Insulation 08-Mar-17 08-Mar-19
WS9061-2017 Town of Deer Lake Water and sewer upgrades 1st. 2nd. and 3rd. Avenues 03-Mar-17 03-Mar-19
WS9064-2017 LSD of George's Brook-Milton trunk water main interconnection 14-Mar-17 14-Mar-19
WS9068-2017 Town of Arnold's Cove Harbour Buffett Road Upgrading - Phase 2 27-Feb-17 27-Feb-19
WS9069-2017 Town of Cow Head Cow Head - Manhole Replacements 02-Mar-17 02-Mar-19
WS9076-2017 Town of St. Lawrence Laurentian Estates watermain 02-Mar-17 02-Mar-19
WS9081-2017 Town of Spaniards Bay Spaniards Bay - CBS Highway Sewer Main Twinning 06-Mar-17 06-Mar-19
WS9082-2017 LSD of Gander Bay South Gander Bay South - water system extension 27-Mar-17 27-Mar-19
Ws9083-2017 Town of St. Bride's Water Line Upgrading - Phase 3 10-Mar-17 10-Mar-19
WS9087-2017 Town of Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove - Long Run Road Watermain Upgrades 07-Mar-17 07-Mar-19
WS9093-2017 Town of Musgrave Harbour Musgrave Harbour- Water Treatment Plant Upgrade 08-Mar-17 08-Mar-19
WS9098-2017 Town of Gander Infrastructure Upgrading - Bennett Drive 13-Mar-17 13-Mar-19
WS9100-2017 LSD of Random Sound West (Queen's Cove) Queen's Cove Water System Upgrade 16-Mar-17 16-Mar-19
WS9103-2017 LSD of Freshwater Water System Upgrade Plank Lane 14-Mar-17 14-Mar-19
WS9104-2017 Lardon Developments Inc. Spruceland Developments Phase 2 15-Mar-17 15-Mar-19
WS9104-2017 Amendment Lardon Developments Inc. Spruceland Developments Phase 2 17-Apr-17 15-Mar-19
WS9105-2017 Town of Gander Infrastructure Upgrading-Read Street 21-Mar-17 21-Mar-19
WS9110-2017 Town of Clarke's Beach Water and sewer system Glam Road, Anthony's Road and Boyd Avenue 22-Mar-17 22-Mar-19
WS9111-2017 Town of Norris Point Mercer's Lane - water and sewer 23-Mar-2017 23-Mar-19
WS9112-2017 Town of Terrenceville Water and sewer system Main Drive 24-Mar-17 24-Mar-19
WS9118-2017 Town of Isle Aux Morts Watermain replacement 12-Apr-17 12-Apr-19
WS9121-2017 Galway Residential GP Incorporated Galway CP-11 Stages 2A and 4A 10-Apr-17 10-Apr-19
WS9124-2017 Town of Old Perlican Booster Pump Upgrades 13-Apr-17 13-Apr-19

Any enquiries concerning availability of permitting documents may be directed to the Water Resources Management Division.

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