Municipal Affairs and Environment

Impacted Sites Management

The ICS are involved the management of impacted sites, to ensure that private and government owned properties are managed in accordance with the provincial “Guidance Document for the Management of Impacted Sites”.  Responsibilities include the following:

Project Management

Representatives of the ICS manage the environmental assessment and remediation of provincially-owned impacted sites, including former military sites, waste disposal sites, and other provincially-owned properties.  Management is in accordance with provincial and federal environmental requirements, including the provincial “Guidance Document for the Management of Impacted Sites”. The ICS retain environmental consultants to complete the environmental site assessment work required to delineate impacts on a given site.  Representatives of the ICS coordinate with the environmental consultants to achieve site remediation to an acceptable level.

Regulatory Review

Representatives of the ICS complete regulatory review of impacted sites in the province, including both private and provincially-owned sites, to ensure that they have been managed in accordance with the “Guidance Document for the Management of Impacted Sites.”  Environmental assessment and remediation is completed at the site by a Site Professional, as outlined in the provincial guidance and upon completion of the site assessment/remediation work, summary reports and a Record of Site Condition are submitted for regulatory closure.  The ICS completes a detailed regulatory review.  Once the ICS are satisfied that the site has been managed in accordance with the guidance, and that the stated level of contamination remaining on the subject property does not pose an unacceptable risk to human health or to the environment, an ICS representative will sign the Record of Site Condition.

Technical Assistance

The ICS may provide technical assistance and advice to other government organizations and departments, industry, environmental consultants, site owners and others with an interest in an impacted site, with respect to our guidance and acceptable environmental site management practices.


Guidance Documents


Environmental Consulting Firms With Approved Site Professionals

(in alphabetical order)

Environmental Consulting Firm Contact Number
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure 709-722-7023
CBCL Limited 709-364-8623
Cecon Limited 709-256-7112
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA) 709-364-5353
Dillon Consulting Limited 709-754-2374
EFI Global 506-642-3777
exp Services Inc. 709-579-2027
Fracflow Consultants Inc. 709-739-7270
Golder Associates Limited 709-722-2695
LVM Maratime Testing 506-384-5555
Pinchin LeBlanc Environmental Limited 709-754-4490
SNC-Lavalin Inc. 709-368-0118
Stantec Consulting Limited 709-576-1458
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